Meeting the end of an Indian summer

It’s been getting a lot colder in North Carolina the past couple weeks. I was that annoying girl who complained about the 80-degree October days, but I’ve been eating my words on that one. Whenever cold weather comes back to the South, I feel like I have to learn all over again how to dress for cold weather. I get too spoiled with the long, hot summers in the South!

Fair Isle sweaters on display

Fair Isle sweaters, a staple of any self-respecting prepster’s wardrobe, have emerged as a huge mainstream trend for this winter. Fair Isle can be found lining the shelves this year at stores from American Eagle to J. Crew to Urban Outfitters. Being the perfectionist that I am, I searched far and wide for the perfect Fair Isle sweater to introduce into my wardrobe. With the exception of this $1,300 J.Crew Collection piece, I never found quite what I was looking for. I sent the link to my mom, telling her that was all I would accept for Christmas, hoping she was feeling generous that day and wouldn’t say immediately say no. Her response? “No, but I’ll make you a sweater instead.”


After a little research, my mother has embarked on the challenge of knitting me a Fair Isle sweater in eight weeks. Her goal is to finish by the New Year, in enough time for it to come back to UNC with me after winter break. As a fairly short person, one of my favorite parts about all of this is that my sweater will be completely tailored to me. I always have the problem of clothes being just a little bit too long on me – even J.Crew’s short jeans are long on me! I also love the fact that the colors of my sweater are going to be exactly what I want. This sweater is sure to be something I’ll keep forever and probably pass on to my own kids!

Sample my mom made up of the pattern & colors

If you want a custom, hand-made Fair Isle sweater of your own this winter, my mom said she’ll be happy to make them for any of my friends – for the price of $1,000. Or you can always try my tactic and tell your own mother that the $1,300 J.Crew Collection sweater is all you will take for Christmas. She just might be singing the same tune my mom did.

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