New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve is known for being a glitzy and glamorous holiday. Because it is right around the corner, I wanted to give a prepster’s insight on how to wear sequins for any event whether it be dinner with family, out with friends, or to a party. Sequins definitely do not have to be all over nor do they have to be trashy. These outfits fit any prepster’s style even if you are a little more conservative.

The left is appropriate for any type of casual dinner or party at home. The center would be great for a more casual party with black tights and flats or pumps. Lastly, for those of you going out to enjoy the evening, sequins can still be worn all over without being too overwhelming. I hope that these looks can help you on the hunt for the perfect outfit to wear into the New Year. Enjoy!


After-Christmas Shopping

After-Christmas shopping is my absolute favorite shopping of the entire year.  I refuse to participate in Black Friday madness, but I’ll wake up early and go after-Christmas shopping with the best of them.  I’m completely motivated by the fact that you can get crazy deals on clothes, I actually paid $13 for a $70 sweater at Belk’s on Monday.  I take this opportunity to buy some more expensive things I may not want to spend money on the rest of the year & guide where I want my wardrobe to go in the new year.  Here are some of my favorite purchases from the beginning of this year’s after-Christmas shopping!
after christmas shopping

  1. Calvin Klein Tweed Peacoat.  I was in the market for a new coat after I noticed the lining in the peacoat I’ve been wearing since high school was starting to rip apart.  Saved $156 on this coat, no big deal.
  2. J.Crew tartan shirt.  I always love the way plaid shirts look on other people, but I feel like every time I put them on, the patterns overwhelm me.  My theory on how I need to wear plaid shirts, as a short person, is that the pattern needs to be small and colors need to be minimal.  This shirt doesn’t quite follow the rules I set for myself, but I love the colors of it and the pattern of this tartan shirt is surprisingly flattering on me.
  3. J.Crew chambray shirt.  Chambray shirts are another thing I love on other people, but never quite got into myself.  I’m really excited to have one in my wardrobe now though!
  4. J.Crew Jackie cardigan.  This classic cardigan is one of my favorites and the J.Crew outlet I went to had some fabulous colors – I ended up getting two, in lavender and turquoise.
  5. Calvin Klein polka dotted shirt.  Navy blue is my staple color and whenever I need something neutral, I almost always opt for navy blue.  I love the fit of this shirt and the fact that it’s polka dotted!
  6. Coach leather wallet.  Now, I know there are some polarizing opinions on Coach and there are quite a few people who absolutely hate Coach’s signature patterns, but I see no issue with a plain leather wallet, such as this one that I bought.
  7. J.Crew factory starfish necklace.  The J.Crew outlet had some fabulous jewelry with anchors and starfish on them – very preppy and they were all 40 percent off!

Anyone else take advantage of after-Christmas sales?  Treat yo self to something!

Merry Christmas from The Prep Crew!

We hope that you all have an amazing day filled with family and friends!

Christmas Eve Outfit of the Day!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope that your holidays are filled with warmth, happiness, family, and good tidings!

I wanted to share my Christmas Eve outfit with all of you, so here it is!

And with my leopard coat!

1. Black dress: Ann Taylor.  My mom has the dress in red, and I’ve got it in black.  It’s a great sheath cut, and I love the cute three-quarter sleeves.  There’s also a fun zipper detail at the wrists!

2. Leopard print coat: Forever 21. I got this on a whim yesterday.  The coat isn’t something I’d normally wear, but I think it’s really fun and unexpected for dress-up situations (and I have LOTS of dress-up situations!).

3. Accessories: Earrings, Anthropologie. Watch: Michael Kors. Giraffe necklace and tortoiseshell headband: J.Crew. Shoes: M.P.S.

Once again, I hope you have happy holidays and the merriest of Christmases! 🙂

xoxo, Karoline

Christmas Tradition!

For any of you Southern Prepsters, Chick-fil-a is an absolute staple. Every year after Thanksgiving, they put up the most AMAZING Christmas display ever and it is so pretty! My family and I always go to check out the display and if you go on the first few days it is up, they usually have fake snow falling (I live in Florida so this is the closest to a White Christmas that we are going to get :)). I love just driving around and checking out all of the different aspects of the light show including the Christmas music and of course the food is extra delicious. So if you live anywhere near a Chick-fil-a, run right there and check out the lights before New Year’s!


Outfit of the day: 12/22/2011

Merry Christmas everyone!  Here’s my outfit from today.  All I’ve done today is go to lunch with my sister & go to work, but I am obsessed with this new sweater I got from J.Crew yesterday!

1. Gray honeycomb sweater: J.Crew.  Run run RUN to your closest J.Crew – these are on sale & with the extra 30 percent off at J.Crew right now, they’re 50 percent off!

2. Pink oxford collar shirt: Ralph Lauren.  You can never have too many of these staple shirts.  I own tons of them and they last forever.

3. Jeans: J.Crew Factory.  I’m so short even J.Crew’s short jeans are too long on me, but I’m so picky about jeans, I can’t find any other reasonably priced pairs that I like.

4. Green top-siders: Sperry, circa 2004.  But, really, I got these for Christmas when I was 12.  Just goes to show some things never go out of style.

Winter break reading

One of my favorite parts of Christmas vacation is being able to take a break from reading textbooks to read books for fun!  I really enjoying reading and I find quite a bit of my required reading for my classes really interesting…but there’s so much of it that I barely have a chance to read anything of my choosing during the semester.  Here’s a look into what’s on my reading this holiday break.

  1. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.  If you haven’t read the first two books in Stieg Larsson’s trilogy already, I highly recommend them!  I read the first one over my Christmas break last year and the second during my summer vacation.  They take awhile to get through, but they’re great books.  The first book, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, has an American version of the movie coming out very soon as well.
  2. A Freewheelin’ Time.  Most people who know me know that I find Bob Dylan fascinating and this memoir by Suze Rotolo, Bob Dylan’s girlfriend during the start of his career, is the latest facet of that interest.  I’ve started reading this book and find her story of her life before meeting Bob & her descriptions of Greenwich Village in the 1960s so interesting!
  3. The Catcher in the Rye.  It’s been about a year since the last time I read this classic and I thoroughly believe everyone needs to reread it regularly.  Seriously, it’s one of my favorite books ever.  If you haven’t read the Catcher in the Rye already, I’m not sure what you’re doing on the Internet right now…you need to be reading it.
  4. Slaughterhouse-Five.  I read The Sirens of Titan this past summer and since I finished it, reading more Kurt Vonnegut has stayed on my list of things to do.  I usually don’t find science fiction books of any interest at all, but I loved Vonnegut’s dark sense of humor.

What’s on your reading list this winter?

Ski or Snorkel?

Ok so many of us will be off from work and school for the holiday break shortly (some of the lucky ones already are) and will be spending lots of time with family.  I love going on family vacations because we get to have some much needed quality time together.  Each year my parents try to plan a trip for winter break and each year they are faced with the VERY difficult decision of ski or snorkel?


Would you opt for an authentic wintry get-away, like my favorite Vail, Colorado?  There is nothing better than skiing down the back-bowls of Vail and then warming up next a crackling fire for some apres-ski. It is a wonderful way to issue in the New Year!

Or would you rather travel light, throw in some swim suits and flips-flops and head to the Caribbean?  After all the craziness of the holiday season, which for many of us includes the stress of finals, who wouldn’t want to lounge on the beach and get some much needed Vitamin D?

Where would you go if you could plan a holiday vacation?

Pantone Color of the Year.

Since we have been talking a lot about Christmas lately, I decided to take a little break and talk about the color of next year. Every year, Pantone releases a color of the year that is supposed to be the most popular. For 2012, this color will be…drumroll…Tangerine Tango.

Orange is definitely not everyone’s favorite color, but this a much more muted and adaptable orange as it is more red than orange. Here are some ideas on how to use it. Enjoy!

Celebs in Tangerine Tango:


Nail Polish: (Essie Clambake)

A Pop of Color in an outfit:

December Must-Haves (for guys!)

Last week, I posted the December must-haves list.  This blog focuses mainly on women’s preppy style, but there have been some guys asking for their own list too.  So, I created a list of some of the things every preppy guy should have in their closet this winter. (And, if you still need to do some last-minute shopping for your guy, here are some ideas!)

1. Italian Wool Plaid Scarf from Rugby. I love that the colors in this plaid are dark and rugged.  I personally love scarves on men, but I don’t think they wear them enough.  Guys, what’s with that?

2. Men’s Winter Authentic Original Boat Shoe from Sperry. I know that there are a lot of guys out there who hate having to retire their boat shoes come wintertime. After all, there’s nothing fun about frozen toes. But now, you can wear your Sperry’s year-round! These ones are lined with shearling, so you’ll be super-warm!

3. Soft-Wash slim fit gingham shirt from Banana Republic. Last week, a commenter asked me what one item was the guy equivalent of pearls…what would make him look more put-together and classic? My answer: the collared shirt. Casual, dressy, I swoon when I see boys in button-downs. Stick with solids and classic ginghams and plaids and you’re set!

4. Soft-Wash slim fit chest-pocket shirt from Banana Republic. I don’t know much about men’s shirts, but I do know that my dad swears by the ones at BR. They’re a classic fit and they last a fairly long time.

5. AE Plaid Workwear Flannel from American Eagle. Warm, stylish, colorful….there’s basically nothing wrong with flannel shirts.  I suggest stocking up in several colors.

6. Vintage cord in relaxed fit from J.Crew. I’ve already professed my love for J.Crew cords several times on this site, and I’m going to keep doing it till I’ve clothed the world in corduroy. Seriously…don’t ask questions, just go get a pair of cords. You’ll thank me later.

7. Moose Brigade University Tie from Rugby. Every guy needs a tie. It’s just one of those things that you have to have in your closet at all times. I like this one because it’s got a classic repp stripe, but it also has a fun moose print!

8. Men’s Bean Boots from L.L. Bean. These boots also made an appearance on the women’s list. There’s a reason they’ve been around for over 100 years, they work. These are the best boots out there for wintery fowl weather. Also, they’re guaranteed for LIFE, so if anything ever happens to yours, Bean will replace them. That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Hey guys, is there anything I’m forgetting on the list?

xoxo, Karoline

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