OOTD 12/1/11

Happy December, everyone! Now, what am I wearing on this first day of the 12th month? Great question! Here we go! Oh, and the photo will be up after…I am the worst classy-mirror shot photographer ever so I have to troll around to find someone willing to capture my awesomeness.

As you can see, or maybe not see, I am a wearing a yellow-green patterned cardigan from Target (where else?) I just love this thing! It is by far my fave cardigan, and if you know me, I have a disturbing amount of them. What I am wearing underneath would have to be one of my fave tops. It is sooo nautical/classy/bow-tastic/comfy(like I would care if it wasn’t) top! I actually got it in Paris during my trip there for Spring Break! It is from NafNaf (which I learned means pig feet or something). My jeans are from Target. I swear I have more than one pair of jeans! They all are the same basically, and almost the same color. I like my jeans dark and skinny. And on my feet are God’s gift to land/sea: Sperry’s. Funny story about these: I was in Bermuda with my family and I was looking down for some reason, probably admiring the concrete steps, and I come across these Topsider-ed couple dressed to prep perfection. My whole family was like: Did you see them?! I was like, they are the top preppy couple I have ever seen. And the fab dressed young woman was donning these Sperry’s. So, once we got back, I went to a trip to the mall and basically BOLTED to the shoe section of Nordstrom, and found this pais of magical shoes. No regrets. Just love. #KatyPerry

Other: Blue bow and I can show my bling some other time!

Oh, and I went shopping last week and I have 3 new items in my closet. I love them all, but I have to  wait for the right time to spring in out! Some hints: there is a color that I would never wear, a bow tie, and white. 🙂

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