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DIY Christmas Gifts.

Every year my friends and I do a Secret Santa for each other. I, with my strong desire to constantly craft, always like to make something (or try at least). So here are two super easy DIY Christmas/Hanukkah craft ideas for under $25.

Monogram Letters

I actually made these for my roommate and I this year for our door. They are super easy to do and do not cost a lot at all. All you need is a letter from your local craft store, two or three of your favorite pieces of scrapbook paper, and a bottle of mod-podge. I like to lay out one of the pieces of paper to cover the whole letter so it is easier to apply the other papers to the paper and not to the wood (if that makes sense). Once you do that, it is really just howevever you want to apply the paper. Once you get everything laid out the way you want, apply the mod-podge, let it dry over night and reapply. (I think I did this three times just to make sure.) After this, you’re all done! Easy and cute!


DIY Tie Pillows

These are a really popular gift idea for those of us who are not so talented in the sewing department. My friend mMa and I made these for all of our friends for graduation presents last year (in college colors of course). All you need is a pillow insert, and one or two of your favorite fabrics. Make sure you get one where the edges will not fray. Once you do that, lay your pillow out and align your two pieces of fabric to fit over. Next, cut out a square of fabric on each corner of the pillow to make the corners. For the next step, make sure that you have SHARP scissors. Measure all around your pillow and make sure there is about five inches on each side. You need to cut strips that are around 3/4 of an inch all around the four sides of the pillow. If you want to measure you can but I usually just like to eyeball it. Once you have completed this, slide your pillow insert in and tie all of the strips together in a double knot to make sure they do not come undone. If you want there to be a front and back, I recommend tying them all on the same side. If not, you can tie every other strip (as in tie the front and the back together, skip one, and then repeat), flip it over, and then tie the rest so that there is no distinguishing the front from the back. PS This also works for blankets!

Hope these are helpful for all of your DIY Christmas Present endeavors!

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  1. OMG these are sooo cute!! 🙂


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