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After-Christmas Shopping

After-Christmas shopping is my absolute favorite shopping of the entire year.  I refuse to participate in Black Friday madness, but I’ll wake up early and go after-Christmas shopping with the best of them.  I’m completely motivated by the fact that you can get crazy deals on clothes, I actually paid $13 for a $70 sweater at Belk’s on Monday.  I take this opportunity to buy some more expensive things I may not want to spend money on the rest of the year & guide where I want my wardrobe to go in the new year.  Here are some of my favorite purchases from the beginning of this year’s after-Christmas shopping!
after christmas shopping

  1. Calvin Klein Tweed Peacoat.  I was in the market for a new coat after I noticed the lining in the peacoat I’ve been wearing since high school was starting to rip apart.  Saved $156 on this coat, no big deal.
  2. J.Crew tartan shirt.  I always love the way plaid shirts look on other people, but I feel like every time I put them on, the patterns overwhelm me.  My theory on how I need to wear plaid shirts, as a short person, is that the pattern needs to be small and colors need to be minimal.  This shirt doesn’t quite follow the rules I set for myself, but I love the colors of it and the pattern of this tartan shirt is surprisingly flattering on me.
  3. J.Crew chambray shirt.  Chambray shirts are another thing I love on other people, but never quite got into myself.  I’m really excited to have one in my wardrobe now though!
  4. J.Crew Jackie cardigan.  This classic cardigan is one of my favorites and the J.Crew outlet I went to had some fabulous colors – I ended up getting two, in lavender and turquoise.
  5. Calvin Klein polka dotted shirt.  Navy blue is my staple color and whenever I need something neutral, I almost always opt for navy blue.  I love the fit of this shirt and the fact that it’s polka dotted!
  6. Coach leather wallet.  Now, I know there are some polarizing opinions on Coach and there are quite a few people who absolutely hate Coach’s signature patterns, but I see no issue with a plain leather wallet, such as this one that I bought.
  7. J.Crew factory starfish necklace.  The J.Crew outlet had some fabulous jewelry with anchors and starfish on them – very preppy and they were all 40 percent off!

Anyone else take advantage of after-Christmas sales?  Treat yo self to something!

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