Power of positive thinking

I’m heading into my fourth week of classes, and this is the first week I have real assignments due.  All the reading & little work I put off at the beginning of the semester is beginning to catch up with me…I may have put off two papers, a few small assignments and a whole LOT of reading until this week, when everything’s due.  Naturally, I’m relying on a lot of positive thinking and even more caffeine to get me through the next three days.  Courtesy of some fabulous Pinterest-ers (is that even a thing?) I follow, here’s some great inspiration to get through the first challenge of the semester.  You can find the sources of all these wonderful images in my “inspiration” board.


College Fashion

Like many college students I like to represent my college!  While there have always been college t-shirts and jerseys, recently I have noticed that more bookstores are starting to produce cute college clothes and accessories for women.  No longer do we have to settle for unflattering t-shirts and baseball caps.  So here are some of my favorite things…

Bow Crazy!

I apologize in advance for those of you that read my personal blog but I just had to share this amazing project! So over break, my best friend and I decided to make bows. Let me tell you first off, this is no small endeavor. You need two ribbons, if you want to make one bow one yard of each should do. We used simple black and white so you need a large grosgrain ribbon and then a thin one. You also will need a needle and thread, a lighter, hot glue, alligator clips, and patience (this is vital). I am going to attach a video because it is approximately forty million steps and I don’t think y’all want to read all that (videos are cooler anyways). It may seem like a big project but trust me it’s worth it. Two bows this size are about twelve dollars and these were about two dollars each to make and so precious! Good luck ladies and gents and let me know how it works out for y’all (I wear mine all the time!) Here is a picture of the finished product and the video that I mentioned.




Getting ready for Valentine’s

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is less than 20 days away! And I know it can bring a lot of stress for those of us who are coupled up or single.  However, there is one way everyone can celebrate Valentine’s without getting all bent out of shape about their love life…by showing yourself a little lovin’.  Yes, I’m talking pampering, pigging-out, and dressing up.  They’re the three best ways to keep yourself sane during Hallmark’s favorite holiday.

  • Step one: give yourself a fun manicure!  I like to stick to the traditional pinks and reds, but really any of your favorite colors will do.  Just take time to relax, put on some soothing music, and make your digits pretty.  My favorite little nail art trick is to put polka dots on my nails–fun and festive!  Here are some of my favorite valentine-related shades:

Tart Deco by Essie©

Mob Square by Essie©

Geranium by Essie© (can you tell that I'm an Essie addict?!)

  •  Step two: pig out!  If there’s one thing about Valentines Day, it’s candy.  SO. MUCH. CANDY.  This makes me very excited because I am a candy fiend.  So, go ahead and stock up on cherry JuJu hearts (my mom’s personal fave), chocolates, and conversation hearts.  They’re practically what the holiday was made for!
  • Step three: dress up!  When it comes to Valentines day, whether I have a valentine or not, I make it a point to wear my cutest pink and red items.  This year, I’ll be rocking an adorable pink polka dot sweater from Old Navy, but here are some other ideas:

This dress from J.Crew would look so great in class on or a dinner date!


This is the polka dot sweater I have (in pink, of course!)


This adorable sweater originally came from J.Crew, but unfortunately it's no longer available.


How will you be pampering yourself for Valentine’s Day?  Comment below!

xoxo, Karoline

Outfit of the day: Jan. 24, 2012!

50's in January? Whaaaat!

It is WARM today!  It’s only January, but it definitely feels like spring! Here in MA, it’s in the 50’s.  This is definitely unheard-of.  I’m taking full advantage of the situation by wearing a dress.  After all, how many opportunities do you get to wear them in the middle of the winter?!

Accessories! Lots of gold accents today.

Here’s what I’m wearing:

  • Dress: Old Navy.  I originally was lusting after this dress from Lilly Pulitzer, but they ran out of it in navy!  So, I went with the next best (and much less expensive!) option from Old Navy.  I can definitely see this becoming a staple in my wardrobe come spring and summer.
  • Sweater: J.Crew.  I got this sweater my freshman year, and it has been in constant rotation ever since.  I love the fun diagonal zipper and the neutral color that matches absolutely everything.
  • Boots: Michael Kors. I told you guys that I’d wear these a lot!  I’m seriously so obsessed with them.
  • Jewelry: Giraffe pendant, J.Crew. Watch, Michael Kors. Evil-eye bracelet, gift from my cousins’ trip to Greece. Monogram bracelet, gift from my mom.
If it’s a sunny day where you are, I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am!
xoxo, Karoline

DIY Decorations

As of about a week ago, I’m officially living in a house off-campus next year!  I’m really excited about it, so I’ve been slightly obsessively searching Pinterest for some cute and easy DIY decorations for next year!  I’ve started an entirely new board (no, really, if you aren’t following me already, I have some kind of awesome pins) for all my ideas and it’s becoming my newest form of procrastination.  Here’s some cute ideas I’ve found so far! Click on the pictures for the sources.

I work at a furniture boutique and last summer, we sold pillows almost exactly like these!  Ours were made out of felt and came in some really cool colors, so I was really excited when I found a DIY version of them.

I think these coasters made out of Scrabble tiles are SO cool!  I think a fun modification to this idea would be spelling out things with the tiles.

For some reason, I think maps are an interesting decoration piece.  I would love to do, spelling out Raleigh (my hometown) and maps of Raleigh!

Remember When…

Recently I have felt like I am getting old.  I have tons of responsibilites and stresses and it has become very easy to lose site of all the great things about growing up.  For this post I am going to reminice about the 90s, when life seemed to be simpler and I did not have a care in the world.

…Remember when your interaction with boys was playing kick ball because you were afraid of getting cooties.  When getting together with girl friends meant playing hula hoop or Miss Mary Mack. When the closest you got to driving was red-light green light and all problems could be solved by eny-meeny-miney-moe. When Saturday mornings meant waking up to watch cartoons on ABC in your pjs.  When you dealt with social situations with phrases like “talk to the hand” or “then why don’t you marry it?” or “do over.”  When the “it” items were ferbies, slap bracelets, razor scooters, beanie babies, and barbies.  When the drink of choice was Capri Sun, Kool Aid, or Sunny D.  When you knew in your heart that someday you’d meet prince charming.  You would be just like Cinderella and all of the other Disney princesses and live happily ever after.

Sometimes I feel I was smarter when I was a kid.  I didn’t question what would happen in the future.  I just knew that everything would work out.

One America: Some South Trip Photos!

 The Mercer House in Savannah, Georgia. Read “The Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” to learn more about this haunted mansion. This was taken during a walking ghost tour. I am not going to ruin the home’s scary stories for you. Since I was too afraid to take pics of the actual home because of the chance to find orbs on my camera. This is the iron gate ( look up that tale!)

This is great! We where in Charleston, South Carolina, and where walking around the cute town. The fact they have a Princess and King Street right next to each other made me so excited! 🙂

Bold winter colors

There’s a lot of things I like about my winter wardrobe.  I love being able to wear all my scarfs and I have so many cute and comfortable sweaters.  It’s really easy to be cozy and comfortable during the winter.  But, winter clothes are so overrun by dark colors!  Here’s some of my ideas for how to incorporate trendier, bright pops of color into those dark winter outfits.
bright1. Kate Spade Gild The Lily Idiom bangle
2. Kate Spade Sweet Zinnia pendant necklace
3. J.Crew No.2 pencil skirt in double serge cotton in casablanca blue
4. Butter London nail lacquer in Disco Biscuit
5. Ralph Lauren Black Label cashmere cable knit sweater in mandarin orange
6. Kim Rogers Rio leather checkbook clutch

Fireside Fashion

Winter is here so let’s enjoy the snow and ice.  Whether it is after a long day of skiing or skating, I always love to warm up next to a roaring fire with some hot chocolate and warm chocolate chip cookies. From the lodges of Aspen to the inns of Vermont après ski fashion is a must!  Remember it is okay to look fabulous while staying warm.

Here is my all time favorite place to relax after a long day on the slopes!

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