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Healthier comfort foods

This time of year, everyone’s trying to eat healthier to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions.  I’m not one to make goals about losing weight, so for me, the beginning of the year is all about comfort food for the cold months.  But, in the wealth of things you can find on Pinterest, I’ve found some awesome healthy, recipes to make!  Click on the pictures to go to the websites with the original recipes.

Fruit roll ups were basically the best snack ever in kindergarten.  This homemade version is made out of strawberries (or whatever fruit you choose) and cinnamon and is a whole lot better for you than the store-bought version.  The only downside to this recipe is that they take awhile to prepare, but you could make a lot of them at once & stock up!

This Avgolemno soup, or Greek lemon egg soup, looks absolutely delicious and is something I’d love to make this winter.  It has roast chicken in it, and anyone who knows me knows the only meat I like to eat is chicken, but you can leave the chicken out as well!

I think this turkey wrap with cucumber cream cheese is a perfect lunch for days when you have class.  The great thing about this recipe is that you can add whatever other vegetables & toppings you want onto the wrap.   I really like the idea of mixing the cucumbers with cream cheese!

And for good measure, the ultimate comfort food & because I am from the South, Paula Deen’s recipe for chicken noodle soup.  I actually hate canned chicken noodle soup, like Campbell’s, but I quite enjoy homemade chicken noodle soup.  Maybe my mom (who’s known to always read my blogs) will make me this the next time I come home???…hint, hint.

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