Outfit of the day 1/14/12 Game Day Edition!

All you southern girls have your adorable game day dresses and outfits, but up north we don’t really have those options cause it gets so cold!

There aren’t many cute options out there for girls when it comes to reppin’ your favorite team. Personally, I’ve always stuck to large kids t-shirts and jerseys.  However, there are plenty of ways to make team wear cute and preppy.  My quick fix?  Add boots and a cardigan!

As you can see, I’m gearing up for this weekend full of NFL playoffs and rooting for my beloved Pats.

Outfit details:

  • Cardigan: Ann Taylor
  • Patriots T: proshop.patriots.com You can’t see it, but I’m wearing my Deion Branch shirt. He always has been and always will be my favorite player!
  • Jeggings: ae.com Love these…they look JUST like jeans and fit so easily under boots!
  • Boots: Michael Kors.  I got these at Marshall’s the other day and I’m obsessed! To say that I’m going to wear them with pretty much everything isn’t that much of an exaggeration.
  • Jewelry: faux-pearl earrings, Pandora bracelet, signet and claddagh rings.

And I know there are a lot of you Tebow fans out there rooting for Denver to win, but I think his good luck is going to run out today.  GO PATS!

Te-NOwing 🙂

Whether you’re rooting for my Patriots, the Saints, Green Bay, or the Texans I hope you all have stylish football-filled weekends!

xoxo Karoline

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  1. blah

     /  January 14, 2012

    I love the “WTF” expression on your face while te-nowing

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