Remember When…

Recently I have felt like I am getting old.  I have tons of responsibilites and stresses and it has become very easy to lose site of all the great things about growing up.  For this post I am going to reminice about the 90s, when life seemed to be simpler and I did not have a care in the world.

…Remember when your interaction with boys was playing kick ball because you were afraid of getting cooties.  When getting together with girl friends meant playing hula hoop or Miss Mary Mack. When the closest you got to driving was red-light green light and all problems could be solved by eny-meeny-miney-moe. When Saturday mornings meant waking up to watch cartoons on ABC in your pjs.  When you dealt with social situations with phrases like “talk to the hand” or “then why don’t you marry it?” or “do over.”  When the “it” items were ferbies, slap bracelets, razor scooters, beanie babies, and barbies.  When the drink of choice was Capri Sun, Kool Aid, or Sunny D.  When you knew in your heart that someday you’d meet prince charming.  You would be just like Cinderella and all of the other Disney princesses and live happily ever after.

Sometimes I feel I was smarter when I was a kid.  I didn’t question what would happen in the future.  I just knew that everything would work out.

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