Getting ready for Valentine’s

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is less than 20 days away! And I know it can bring a lot of stress for those of us who are coupled up or single.  However, there is one way everyone can celebrate Valentine’s without getting all bent out of shape about their love life…by showing yourself a little lovin’.  Yes, I’m talking pampering, pigging-out, and dressing up.  They’re the three best ways to keep yourself sane during Hallmark’s favorite holiday.

  • Step one: give yourself a fun manicure!  I like to stick to the traditional pinks and reds, but really any of your favorite colors will do.  Just take time to relax, put on some soothing music, and make your digits pretty.  My favorite little nail art trick is to put polka dots on my nails–fun and festive!  Here are some of my favorite valentine-related shades:

Tart Deco by Essie©

Mob Square by Essie©

Geranium by Essie© (can you tell that I'm an Essie addict?!)

  •  Step two: pig out!  If there’s one thing about Valentines Day, it’s candy.  SO. MUCH. CANDY.  This makes me very excited because I am a candy fiend.  So, go ahead and stock up on cherry JuJu hearts (my mom’s personal fave), chocolates, and conversation hearts.  They’re practically what the holiday was made for!
  • Step three: dress up!  When it comes to Valentines day, whether I have a valentine or not, I make it a point to wear my cutest pink and red items.  This year, I’ll be rocking an adorable pink polka dot sweater from Old Navy, but here are some other ideas:

This dress from J.Crew would look so great in class on or a dinner date!


This is the polka dot sweater I have (in pink, of course!)


This adorable sweater originally came from J.Crew, but unfortunately it's no longer available.


How will you be pampering yourself for Valentine’s Day?  Comment below!

xoxo, Karoline

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