Decorate, decorate, decorate!

Valentine’s Day might not be my favorite holiday, but it’s definitely one of my favorite to decorate for.  Although, I must admit that almost any excuse to decorate makes something my “favorite”.  However, this year I actually have a Valentine for once, and I’m feeling extra-festive.

I’ve been browsing Pinterest (follow me and Laurie Beth!) and boy is it chock-full of adorable ideas for decorating.  I’ve re-pinned a bunch of my favorites on my “Holiday Decorating Ideas” board, and I’ll share them with you!

These felt fortune cookies from Martha Stewart make an adorable decoration and present once V-Day actually rolls around!

I love this pom-pom garland from Noodlehead!  You could also re-make it to decorate for any other holiday/occasion, so the possibilities are endless!

This fabric heart garland from How About Orange definitely has a bit of a higher degree of difficulty, but it’s so cute!

Finally, Skip to my Lou has printouts and directions to make the CUTEST (and preppiest) valentines I’ve ever seen!  I’ll definitely be making a bunch of these to give to all of my friends!!

Will you be decorating for Valentine’s Day?

xoxo, Karoline

PS.  This weekend, I went to a Super Bowl party at my Aunt’s house.  Upon arriving, I realized that I was in good company in my sartorial choices.  Me, my mom, my Aunt Kate, and my friend Molly were all in the same basic look–navy Patriots shirt and red sweater/sweatshirt.  They all read (and love!) The Prep Crew and it was very reminiscent of my game day post! I thought it was too funny 🙂

Me, my mom, my Aunt Kate, and my friend Molly...way too funny!

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  1. Just LOVE all of these ideas!!! Very creative and cute!!!


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