Jump Into Spring With Lilly Pultizer!

I love Lilly Pulitzer, so of course I hound the store online all the time. I was bored so I added all the things I loved into the tote. Here are some of the must have’s for the Spring time!

 Sorry for such a small picture, but you can just click on the photo to see a larger view. I love this style so much! It flatters just about everyone and in such an adorable print! Lilly Pulitzer can do no wrong! You can wear this to many different events! Oh, and bride to bes, I say you chose Lilly for the bridesmaids dresses! Only because you will not have to hear them complain about getting horrible dresses! They will actually be pleased to wear it again and not to burn it! If I was a bridesmaid, I would be more than happy to have an excuse to buy this dress! So adorb!

   Here are more of the same type of dresses that Lilly Pulitzer has created!

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