Lions and tigers and midterms, oh my!

Yes, all three of those things are equivalent.  It’s the week before spring break for me and I have two midterms on Thursday.  I had one the past week, and papers due before that.  The middle of the semester is probably my least favorite time of the semester – you feel like it just started, but there’s still so much further to go.  Here’s some of my midterm essentials.

1. Coca-Cola.  Seriously, caffeine is essential.  I recently discovered that I’m lactose intolerant and I don’t know how to drink coffee without a lot of cream…so I’ve had to find caffeine in other sources.  Right now, Coke is fulfilling that in my life.  Probably awful, but it gets the job done.

2. Printing money.  UNC doubled the price of their printing this year…the semester is not even halfway over yet and I’m already about out of money.  And for some reason, I need to have the readings practically memorized for one of my midterms.  UNC students, I’m accepting printing money donations of all amounts.

3. Nike running shorts & lots of sweatshirts.  I know some people have that whole “dress well, test well” philosophy.  I disagree.  You’ll find me looking pretty comfortable on midterm weeks.  If I’m comfortable, I think so much better.

4. Pandora One.  I got a subscription for my birthday, and I know Pandora gives you unlimited listening now, but I think it’s totally worth the paid subscription.  All the skips you want AND uninterrupted listening.  I swear, the absence of advertisements makes my studying more productive.

5. Sleep and showers.  Seriously, it’s not worth depriving yourself of sleep for a few extra hours of studying.  And nothing is worth the repulsion people around you are going to feel if you aren’t showering.  Public service announcement: Exams are not an excuse to forgo personal hygiene.  Everyone around you in the library will thank you for just taking a quick shower.  You’ll feel better if you do.

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  1. So jealous you have Pandora one!

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