Neon for Spring.

Now that we are inching closer and closer to March 21st or the first day of Spring, it is time to put those bulky coats and sweaters away for good! This Spring, neon is the biggest trend that I have seen around. Whether you want your neon in small or large doses, it is a must-have for Spring. It is also a really easy trend to incorporate into any prepster’s wardrobe because it seems like every designer is jumping on the bandwagon! From Target to Saks, neon is everywhere!

For those of you who are not such giant fans of neon, a good way to incorporate a little neon into your life is through nail polish. Sidenote, I honestly feel like I incorporate Essie nail polish into all of my posts lately. I’m an addict I’m telling you…

These Kate Spade cap-toe neon flats are the definition of Spring shoe perfection. My birthday is coming up!

Bauble Bar has an entire neon section! Their jewelry is pretty affordable and they definitely have something for everyone. I especially love this necklace to add a pop to any outfit.

And this cuff!

Lastly, J Crew is definitely on point with the neon trend this season as well. Between their chinos like Karoline mentioned and their skirts which are more work appropriate, neon is all over their website. Check it out!

Are you loving or leaving the neon trend?


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  1. I love the neon trend! I had no idea Essie came out with neon polish, going to have to check it out

    From Brooklyn with love,



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