First Signs of Spring!

Hello lovelies!  The sun is shining, the air is warm, and it’s OFFICIALLY springtime!  I don’t have a favorite season in particular, but I especially love the beginning of all of them.  There’s something about the promise of the season to come that gets me all excited.

Here in Massachusetts, we’ve had gorgeous sunny weather all week and it’s been amazing.  I seriously don’t want it to end!  I’ve been noticing a few tell-tale signs of springtime around my campus.  I’ll share them with you here…let us know in the comments if there are any signs of spring that you’ve noticed and I’ve missed!

1. Flowers are starting to bloom!  Where I go to school, this is limited to hearty flowers like daffodils and crocuses, but they’re gorgeous nonetheless.  I’ve also been seeing pictures that friends in DC and New York have been posting of cherry and apple blossoms, and I’m so jealous of their pretty flowering trees!

This morning, I turned into a bit of a nature photographer and took pictures of the pretty blooms on my campus.

2. People have come out of hibernation.  Granted, we had a mild winter and not many people stayed holed up inside, but all of a sudden it’s like an explosion of people on campus.  Frisbees, footballs, outdoor runs, people are getting outside and enjoying the sun.  I think a subset of this is all of the couples that have suddenly appeared.  It seems that everywhere I look, there is a couple holding hands or sneaking kisses on the quad.

I enjoy this part of spring the most because I love doing my homework outside in the sunshine.  It’s the best!  I’m even writing this blog post while sitting outside 🙂

3. All-of-a-sudden, I want to eat ice cream again.  I don’t know if this is just me, but there is something about spring that makes me want to walk around outside with an ice-cream cone.

4.  People are wearing shorts!  I’ve been wearing them all week, and I’ve been noticing that everyone else is too!  People want to show off the tans they got on spring break, and this weather is really letting them take advantage of it.

5. Music. Blasting. Everywhere.  Again, I don’t know if this is just my campus or not, but every spring when the weather starts to get nice again, people seem to take that as a license to blast music out of their windows.  Usually I don’t mind, but when I have to listen to dub step on my walk to Psych class, I’m going to be less than thrilled.

What are some of the signs of spring that you’ve noticed?

xoxo, Karoline

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