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Top Knots and Statement Necklaces Galore!

Inspired by my early morning laziness, I have found myself rocking the top knot trend. It takes two seconds to do and takes my I have no time to do my hair and don’t really care today messy bun to a this is my attempt to be fashionable and follow trends top knot! See how that works ladies, you go from frumpy to fashionable in no time flat! The top knot can sometimes make your outfit look a little boring and it definitely leaves something to be desired accessories-wise. Sooooo, as a solution to this problem, Statement Necklaces are the answer prepsters. I used necklaces from Vestique which is one of my favorite go-to boutiques for anything and it is super affordable! By pairing a go-to top knot with a fancy statement necklace, your outfit can go from frumpy to fabulous in no time flat.

In honor of her recent bebe boy, I decided to use Hilary Duff as some inspiration. She rocks the top knot in a casual but fashionable way. For the necklace, I used something kind of similar to what she is wearing but a little fancier for a night out with your boyfriend or with the girls.









If you are going for a more put together and polished look, look to Lauren Conrad’s top knot for inspiration. She also adds a braid to make it ever cuter. For this necklace, I picked a much chunkier one to offset how sleek her hair is. I also thought that the braid gave it a little Boho vibe which this necklace definitely gives off.









Hope you enjoyed these simple tips to stay fashion-forward but still preppy chic all while being budget-friendly!



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