Easter Party Made Easy.

Since Easter is coming up soon, I decided to do a post on some easy and creative ways to have an preppy and gorgeous Easter party with friends and family. All of these ideas are from Pinterest (surprise, surprise I know).

I love this flower arrangement and with just a few eggs, it makes the perfect centerpiece for any Easter table. I had a centerpiece kind of similar to this for my Graduation Party except with limes and it turned out adorably. It adds a little extra spice for not a lot of work or money.


This is an easy and cute snack for any Easter party as well. All it is is an Oreo, a marshmallow, and a jelly bean. Easy enough, right?


I’m obsessed with these Printables and they’re free! They would be perfect for place cards, napkin rings, or just scattered around.


These chocolate covered strawberries are perfect for any get together for Easter. The chocolate is died orange so that the strawberry looks like a carrot. Cute, right? This would be great “bunny food” to leave out for the Easter Bunny to munch on when he drops off the baskets too. These are also good for party favors.


And last but not least, an Easter Wreath that if I had the time to make, would be hanging on our dorm door for sure! This would definitely invite the Easter Bunny in to drop off his goodies and maybe entice him to leave some clothes or accessories too (hear that Bunny?)


I hope that all of these ideas get you in the Easter mood!



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  1. day 123: get crafty/ simple easter craft, gift, decor, treats/ cute “bunny noses” aka jelly beans in a mason jar with free printable! « ipinterest

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