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Sock Buns: Jumping on the Bandwagon

Recently, I have about had it with this giant mane that I was gifted with. I really don’t have the time to straighten, blow dry, or curl my hair so I started looking for a better solution to the “I just came from the Gym but not really messy bun.” I had been seeing tutorials all over Pinterest for sock buns but honestly the whole process just confused me so I held off. But one night while I was procrastinating for a quiz, I decided to make a sock donut out of one of my dad’s socks that somehow came with me to school (sorry Dad :)). I am going to try to provide you with a step by step tutorial because a) my iPhone camera is broken and thus makes the process extra difficult and b) the pictures and videos just confused me even more. So you will have to settle for a wordy tutorial and some horrible quality computer pics. And one picture of my head that someone captured so enjoy that haha.

1) Make your sock donut. So basically I took a dress sock (you need a tall sock so no ankle socks allowed). Basically you cut off the toe region and about two inches above that. Start at the toe part and roll inward NOT OUTWARD. You keep rolling until you run out of sock and then fold the top over so that it is inside of the donut. I gave in and took a picture of my sock donut so it is below.

2) Make a ponytail. You can put it at any spot on your head but I generally put it up high for a ballet-esque bun. Plus, the sock gets a little heavy if it’s on your head all day so by putting it on the top, it doesn’t pull as much.

3) Put on the sock donut and pull it to the end of your ponytail so basically you have about an inch or two of hair hanging over the edge to tuck over.

4) Begin rolling the donut down so that your hair spreads out evenly. You will know when to stop rolling because there won’t be any more hair to roll. I like to put another pony tail holder over the whole thing just to make sure it is secure and then pin any loose pieces.

5) Look in the mirror and see how amazingly awesome you look in like five minutes flat! Sidenote: this picture is not amazingly awesome because it was so windy outside that day! Also please note the real creeper in the back of the T watching.

So for all of you who have been considering the sock bun, try it out! I promise it’s easy and an amazing way to look polished in five minutes flat.

Here is a YouTube video in case my super wordy tutorial did not do it for you. Props to Amber for teaching anyone who got lost in translation.




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