Chappy Wraps

While most of us are not quite in the stage of our lives where will are designing living rooms and family rooms, we are always on the hunt to make our dorm rooms feel more like home. My favorite go-tos are blankets and pillows.  While I have always had a childhood blanket, which I absolutely adore, I was not about to bring it to college…Thus I discovered Chappy Wraps.  How is it that I could ever replace my childhood blanket?

While on the Vineyard over the summer, I stayed at a friend’s guest house on Chappy.   The guest house was completely outfitted with Chappy Wraps. It was here, all wrapped up in the blanket, as I watched the sunrise over Edgartown harbor that I truly fell in love.

Picture Courtesy of Fine Art America

Chappy Wraps are large (60” by 80”) and come in a wide variety of bright, fun prints.  The company started when two friends thought it would be a great idea to replace their tattered, childhood blankets (sound familiar).  Chappy Wraps can be found in many specialty stores throughout the Northeast or on their online website.

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