Summertime and the Living is Easy

Havaianas lemon shoes $26 – Old Navy flat heels $3.94 – Strappy leather sandals $49 – Jack rogers shoes Tory Burch beach shoes $195 –
Hey guys, it’s Katie covering for Karoline while she vacations on the Cape (jealous!) Anyways, since she is out on the beach and for most of us, Summer has officially started, I decided to post on Summer footwear. Now, I am not going to lie, while I am a big fan of sandals, I don’t wear flip flops unless I am on the beach. I love Jack Rogers and can be seen almost daily in my platinum pair, but flip flops are just not for me plus they hurt my feet! With that said, if I do need a waterproof shoe for the beach or pool, Old Navy four dollar flip flops can’t be beat, how’s that for affordable? Most of these shoes are not waterproof (though I must say my Jacks have been through some pretty aggressive rain storms and made it out okay), but they are perfect for lounging at the pool, hotel, or anywhere summery. Between the rainbows, Jacks, Tory Burch’s, Havianas, and Old Navy sandals, there is something for everyone! What is your Summer Staple footwear?
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