Dressing for your summer internships!

This summer, I’m spending most of my days sitting in an office.  If you’re lucky enough to have a job or internship this summer, your days are probably spent a lot like mine – pining to be outside in the nice weather, at the pool, anywhere but sitting at that desk for a minute longer.  My summer plans ended up taking me to my university’s newspaper, The Daily Tar Heel, as the copy desk editor for the summer and 2012-13 school year.  Luckily for me, working at The Daily Tar Heel means I can show up to work most days in Nike running shorts and a T-shirt and nobody blinks.  But, if you’ve got a major internship or job this summer, you’re probably spending your early mornings wishing you didn’t have to look quite so professional every day.  The good news is that looking professional for this summer’s job or internship doesn’t mean you have to look boring.

Internship 1

Put some bright summer colors into your outfits for work!  Balance brighter pieces, like the turquoise No.2 pencil skirt from J.Crew and bright yellow flats from Tory Burch, with more neutral items, such as the black and white polka dotted popover from J.Crew.

Internship 2

Save the money you’re making this summer!  Reuse pieces you bought in previous seasons and incorporate them with less-expensive, trendier pieces from this season.  Buy a skirt, like this $80 green mini from J.Crew, with a white oxford shirt already in your closet and a statement necklace.

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