London Calling

I’ve been watching the Olympics basically non-stop since the Opening Ceremonies this past Friday. Judging by my Twitter and Facebook feeds, I’m not alone in that. I’ve been loving every moment and learning new things about a bunch of different sports. However, the thing I’ve been having the most fun with is cheering on Team USA.

Preppy retailers have also been cheering on the Americans over in London and are offering all sorts of Olympic garb. Here are some of my favorites!

But first of all, can we talk about this picture of Ryan Lochte on the Ralph Lauren home page?! SWOOOON. God bless America!

Ralph Lauren is the official outfitter of the United States Olympians, so of course he’s sending them across the pond in preppy splendor. There are some adorable options available on his website if you really want to show your USA pride:

Left to right: Team USA Slim Polo Dress, Team USA London T-Shirt Dress, Team USA Duffle, Team USA Ceremony Dress

Alex and Ani, one of my new favorite jewelry designers, has also made a collection of bracelets for Team USA. My mom actually got one in the mail today from my aunt!

Top row: USA Iconic Set of 3 – Russian Silver, Tower Bridge Expandable Wire Bangle – Russian Silver, USA Set of 5 – Russian Gold

Bottom row: Team USA Shield Expandable Wire Bangle – Russian Gold, Team USA Shield Set of 3 – Russian Gold

To see Alex and Ani’s complete Team USA line, click here! I’m also loving the USA ones in red, white, and blue enamel!

Also…have you seen the video of the USA swim team singing and dancing to “Call Me Maybe” yet?? It’s awesome! Seeing our Olympians having so much fun makes me want to root for them even more! Also…I’m kind of obsessed with Missy Franklin, I just think she’s adorable!

Have any of you been geeing out over the Olympics as much as I have? Which events are your favorites? Leave it in the comments!

Go USA! xoxo, Karoline


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