Dress Up That Smile!

You know that cute little song lyric from the musical, Annie, — “You’re never fully dressed without a smile”? I tend to think about that line when I’m getting ready in the morning. As I mentally psych myself up for whatever I need to get done during the day, I’m usually reaching for some sort of lip wear. Why not dress up that smile with a little color?

Lip wear comes in many forms, from chap sticks to stains to glosses. Adding this lovely touch to an outfit leaves me feeling pretty, confident, and ready to tackle the day! I’ve put together a couple of my absolute favorite lip products to show you what I might reach for on a daily basis—


1.Burt’s Bees Chap stick. This is perfect if you’re going for a natural look. Burt’s Bees has always been my go to. I love the cool, refreshing tingle it brings to my lips.

2.Revlon Lip Butter Lipstick. This is basically my favorite lip wear of all time. Goes on so smooth and looks so cute on!

3.Tarte Lip Stains. This stain comes in so many lovely colors that will stay on your lips all day long.

4. L’oreal Endless Lipstick . This is a very classic lipstick. Some colors even have a hint of a shimmer in them. My favorite shade is number 110, Pink Power, pictured above.

What are some of your favorite lip wear finds? Leave it in the comments!

XO, Christine

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  1. I love those Revlon lip butters! I want to pick up a few more shades when I get home. I’m also loving Buxom lip glosses, Clinique Barely Lipstick, and Smith’s Rosebud Salve in a Tube! Gotta keep those lips from getting chapped with the colder weather 🙂


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