Holiday Gift Guide – $30+

I hope everyone is doing well!  With exams, final papers and presentations, and endless problem sets for my Stats class, I was more than happy to take a study break and show y’all some of my favorite gifts!  These would be great for your sister or bestfriend!  Although my sister’s gift isn’t shown here (don’t get any ideas, Heather!!!), I know she’ll love what I got her just as much as she would have loved any of these gifts!


Sloane Ranger Tote – $50.00
Monogrammed 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt – $38.00
Crossbody Purse – $59.99
Butter London Nail Lacquer – $36.00
Lobster Pillow – $38.00

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  I just have a little bit to finish when I get home, but overall, I can’t wait to give the gifts I’ve already picked out!

xoxo, Rebecca

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  1. Just saying to my aunts that read this **HINT HINT** that lobster pillow is SO ME and as a person who is graduating college next semester and hopes to be getting her own place in the coming years, a pink and green lobster pillow would go perfect with the lobster motif I plan on incorporating into my home!


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