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Football Monday-BCS Edition.

Well, here we are. It’s the last College Football Monday for a while and I for one, am bummed about it. So, to combat this sadness, here are some football themed recipes for The Bachelor BCS Game tomorrow night. (and then the recorded Bachelor after).

1. Buffalo Chicken Dip– if you like wings and any type of dip, this is for you! It may not sound so appetizing but trusttttt me, it’s banging. Make it ASAP for a crowd pleaser and it will be gone in no time.



2. Texas Trash Dip– My roommate made this for a Super Bowl party that we went to last year and it was sooo good. It’s like everything good about Mexican food in one dip. And if you put jalapenos on top, it’s even better!

_bean dip2DSC_0207


3. Strawberry Footballs- Since dip isn’t cute and girly, I had to add in something pretty! These chocolate covered strawberries are cute and delicious! No recipe but just grab some melted white chocolate and milk chocolate and go to town.



4. Cherry Beer Margaritas– And now a recipe for the ladies who may not enjoy four hours of your friends or boyfriend violently screaming Roll Tide or Go Irish. Rather than plain beer for the game, this cocktail looks way more exciting! So kick back, relax, and enjoy the game because it’s a long wait until next Fall.



Bonus!- If you want to go the extra mile, paint some football nails. These were too cute to pass up and with my huge addiction to nail polish, I might just be rocking these tomorrow night.



Go Irish and Roll Tide?



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