Winter Blues (and pinks and yellows!)

Over the past week, it has actually been freezing in Boston. So freezing that I keep asking myself whether I live in Massachusetts or the North Pole. Even though I’m not a huge fan of these below freezing temps, it does mean that I get to take out all of my cutest winter accessories. Here are a few of the cutest winterwear pieces that would make any freezing day just a little bit warmer!

Winter Accessories

Starting from the top left and going clockwise: Monogram tech gloves from C. Wonder, Lilly Pulitzer Murfee scarf in Spike the Punch, Kate Spade New York Big Apple hat, Starbucks reusable cup (because let’s face it, Starbucks is the best way to warm up!), C. Wonder Heading South scarf, Kate Spade New York Mod earmuffs (these have earbuds built in so you can plug them right into your iPod or iPhone!), Etsy earwarmer, and Kate Spade New York touch tech bow gloves. I hope you love and are coveting all of these as much as I am!



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  1. Loving all of these!! I seriously need to get a pair of tech gloves…I’m a mitten girl, but I always have to take them off when I want to use my phone!!


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