Grammy’s Best and Worst Dressed

Here we go again and I know what y’all are thinking, I am so glad that Katie does nothing but endlessly watch awards show red carpets so that I can read about it bright and early Monday morning when I wake up, right?? Sooooo, since I am the designated Monday writer, y’all get lots and lots of awards show recaps! You lucky ducks! Here we go.

Best dressed

Taylor Swift- I loved the dress that she wore despite the fact that her performance gave me a trippy migraine. Do I think she needs to gain ten pounds? Yes. Do I think that she still looked gorge? Yes.

Justin Timberlake-Rarely do I put a guy on this list because normally they all just wear the same boring suit and tie (so punny!) but JT rocked it. He’s so gorge

Sophia Grace and Rosie- This one was a no brainer. No one rocks a pink tutu and princess crowns like these cuties!

Worst dressed

Jennifer Lopez- Three words: tragic, desperate, topknot

Florence Welch- Honey child looked like Reptar, Godzilla, and the Geico Gecko all rolled into one.

Katy Perry- I loved the color of this dress but honestly it was not flattering. And let’s be honest, no one’s looking at the color.

Do you agree with my choices? Disagree? Sound of below!



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