Writing A Book Review While Still Reading The Book

Hello!! After seeing the movie trailer for The Lucky One, I was like, well, I want to see this movie, so this is my chance to finally read a Nicholas Sparks book before I see the movie. A while back, my amazing friend, a Sparks’ fan, told me about his book that would star Zac Efron in the movie version. I was like “Good…I finally can read a NS book and then watch the movie”. Mind you, I love Zfron with my heart. I find him to be a total stud muffin, as with any “pretty boy”. I am not the kind of person to not read, but I always “forget” to read the book before the movie comes out. After seeing quite a ton of tear jerking Sparks’ films, I decided I would read this one. Now, this book would have not really sparked (get it, the author’s last name is Sparks!) my interest at all if the actor was not Zac. I am more of a star crossed lover tale in South Carolina, not about people who work in such heroic career (Dear John/The Lucky One), because it is too sad and I am still clueless about rankings/military terms/countries we are at war with. I like sappy, not tragic! But somehow I enjoy Apocalypse Now. But any who, The Lucky One. I love romantic movies, but I have actually never read a true romantic book. Gossip Girl not included. Until now. A brief fact about me: When I start a book, I cannot do anything until I finish it, in that day. I loved to read with a passion. However, I was shocked that since I could read the back of a cereal box and be intrigued that reading only the first 20 pages of this book made me what to cover my head with said box. I have read amazing works of literature, seeing as my favorite books are all “banned”. Now why cannot I get through this book, or have to put it down?! I will finish this book, in time. It is well written, and it is very good, so what is holding me back? I think I have the answer. I keep waiting for that twist to come at the end, even though I am at page 40. If I have never seen a movie based off a Sparks’s book, I would have been done and given a real review of this. Do not you worry; I will give a real one sooner or later.

Now, what is this about? That is a great question! I will boil it down to a few sentences; my terms…then I will post the real one. Chadsey version: There is a young man in the military (tour?) who finds a beautiful young woman’s picture in the sand. He is pretty awful at poker, but after finding the photo… (I do not want to be the one who ruins it for you, so I will let the author do it for me).

“After U.S. Marine Logan Thibault finds a photograph of a smiling young woman buried in the dirt during his tour of duty in Iraq he experiences a sudden streak of luck — winning poker games and even surviving deadly combat. Only his best friend, Victor, seems to have an explanation for his good fortune: the photograph — his lucky charm.

Back home in Colorado, Thibault can’t seem to get the woman in the photograph out of his mind and he sets out on a journey across the country to find her. But Thibault is caught off guard by the strong attraction he feels for the woman he encounters in North Carolina – Elizabeth, a divorced mother — and he keeps the story of the photo, and his luck, a secret. As he and Elizabeth embark upon a passionate love affair, his secret soon threatens to tear them apart — destroying not only their love, but also their lives.

Filled with tender romance and terrific suspense, THE LUCKY ONE is an unforgettable story about the surprising paths our lives often take and the power of fate to guide us to true and everlasting love.” Back of the book, The Lucky One, by Nicholas Sparks.

Do not feel like you will hate the book just because I am only at page 40 and bought it last week, it is very good, this is my first reading of a Nicholas Sparks’s book after watching all of the films based on them and felt like I can share what I am feeling towards them! This does not seem like a book review, but this is like a background to the real review! Stay tuned! 🙂


Jump Into Spring With Lilly Pultizer!

I love Lilly Pulitzer, so of course I hound the store online all the time. I was bored so I added all the things I loved into the tote. Here are some of the must have’s for the Spring time!

 Sorry for such a small picture, but you can just click on the photo to see a larger view. I love this style so much! It flatters just about everyone and in such an adorable print! Lilly Pulitzer can do no wrong! You can wear this to many different events! Oh, and bride to bes, I say you chose Lilly for the bridesmaids dresses! Only because you will not have to hear them complain about getting horrible dresses! They will actually be pleased to wear it again and not to burn it! If I was a bridesmaid, I would be more than happy to have an excuse to buy this dress! So adorb!

   Here are more of the same type of dresses that Lilly Pulitzer has created!

One America: Some South Trip Photos!

 The Mercer House in Savannah, Georgia. Read “The Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” to learn more about this haunted mansion. This was taken during a walking ghost tour. I am not going to ruin the home’s scary stories for you. Since I was too afraid to take pics of the actual home because of the chance to find orbs on my camera. This is the iron gate ( look up that tale!)

This is great! We where in Charleston, South Carolina, and where walking around the cute town. The fact they have a Princess and King Street right next to each other made me so excited! 🙂

Guest Blogger From Great Lakes Prep

One of my fraternity brothers is out in Los Angeles right now trying to break into acting. Recently he was cast as an extra for the show The Middle, which happens to be based in Indiana. He forwarded me the costume notes for the show, which read “This is Indiana. Look very average, Midwest, like you shop at Kohl’s.” Now I realize the Midwest is not a bastion for preppy style. Your average Midwesterner considers Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister to be preppy brands, believes cargo shorts are appropriate attire and likely doesn’t know a thing about Nantucket reds. However, you’d probably be surprised to realize that there are several preppy brands based in the Midwest, both up-and-comers and well-established staples. The following are just a few that are trying to incorporate a preppy sense of style into the Midwestern lifestyle.

Bird Dog Bay

Every prep needs to be wearing bow ties and Chicago-based Bird Dog Bay has you covered. The brand takes a novel approach, creating cleverly named silk printed bow ties in a variety of patterns. The bow ties feature buttons for adjustment instead of the typical sliding hardware, a move brought about by the founder’s friends’ inability to tie their own bow ties. The website itself is worth a visit just to read the humorous descriptions of the products and to check out the exploits of the owner’s retriever, Gus.

Salmon Cove

The motto at Salmon Cove is “Against the Current,” invoking images of salmon swimming back against the current to return home. The Chicago-based apparel maker specializes in tailored-fit button downs with a made-to-measure feel, sweaters and polos for the gents and the signature Cove Collar polo with its contrasting collar for the ladies.                         

Chicago Belt Co.

Chicago Belt Co. is new to the scene, starting up last year, but has already made a big impact on Midwestern prep fashion. The sturdy ribbon belts reflect living in Chicago and the Great Lakes area with their variety of motifs. Whether it’s one featuring an outline of the Great Lakes, the Chicago city flag or a classic Chicago dog, it’s a way of showing your Midwestern pride.

Allen Edmonds

Started back in 1922 in Wisconsin on the Midwestern cornerstones of hard work, honesty, humility and trust, Allen Edmonds produces American-made shoes worn by some of the most influential men in the world (Presidents Reagan, both Bushes and Clinton all wore the Park Avenue for their inaugurations). Each shoe is handcrafted following a 212-step process that turns out exceptionally well-made and great looking shoes. It’s this attention to detail that makes a pair of Allen Edmonds an essential in the male prep’s wardrobe.

Luxley and Bernard

Polos are an essential item in the prep wardrobe but students with little to no income coming in during the school year can have trouble supplying the shopping habit. Luxley and Bernard understands this and has created a line of quality polos specifically for the cash-strapped student market. Even if you aren’t cash-strapped, fiscal responsibility is always a good habit to practice.

Cole Haan

Cole Haan may be based in Maine now, but it’s roots are truly Midwestern. Founded in 1928 in Chicago as a men’s footwear label, it’s now moved into a wider range of men’s and women’s footwear and accessories. The driving shoes, nicknamed “frat cleats” by many, have particularly gained a following in the fraternity community. Cole Haan’s shoes have benefitted from its acquisition by Nike and the introduction of Nike’s Air technology which produces a pair of supremely comfortable shoes.

Oak Street Bootmakers

There’s just something about the Midwest and our ability to produce high quality shoes. Perhaps it has something to do with our ready supply of cattle that lends itself to soft, supple, durable leather like the kind used by Oak Street Bootmakers. Founder and designer George Viagos, the son of a cobbler, has been making shoes all his life and his ultimate goal is to preserve the heritage of fine shoemaking. Boots, penny loafers, oxfords and boat shoes are all handcrafted right here in the USA and have quickly gained favor across the menswear community.

I’d would like to sincerely thank the Prep Crew for the opportunity to write a guest post. For more information on the above brands, as well as others from all over the country, make sure to follow my blog, Great Lakes Prep. You can also find me on Twitter (@GreatLakesPrep) and Facebook.

OOTD 12/1/11

Happy December, everyone! Now, what am I wearing on this first day of the 12th month? Great question! Here we go! Oh, and the photo will be up after…I am the worst classy-mirror shot photographer ever so I have to troll around to find someone willing to capture my awesomeness.

As you can see, or maybe not see, I am a wearing a yellow-green patterned cardigan from Target (where else?) I just love this thing! It is by far my fave cardigan, and if you know me, I have a disturbing amount of them. What I am wearing underneath would have to be one of my fave tops. It is sooo nautical/classy/bow-tastic/comfy(like I would care if it wasn’t) top! I actually got it in Paris during my trip there for Spring Break! It is from NafNaf (which I learned means pig feet or something). My jeans are from Target. I swear I have more than one pair of jeans! They all are the same basically, and almost the same color. I like my jeans dark and skinny. And on my feet are God’s gift to land/sea: Sperry’s. Funny story about these: I was in Bermuda with my family and I was looking down for some reason, probably admiring the concrete steps, and I come across these Topsider-ed couple dressed to prep perfection. My whole family was like: Did you see them?! I was like, they are the top preppy couple I have ever seen. And the fab dressed young woman was donning these Sperry’s. So, once we got back, I went to a trip to the mall and basically BOLTED to the shoe section of Nordstrom, and found this pais of magical shoes. No regrets. Just love. #KatyPerry

Other: Blue bow and I can show my bling some other time!

Oh, and I went shopping last week and I have 3 new items in my closet. I love them all, but I have to  wait for the right time to spring in out! Some hints: there is a color that I would never wear, a bow tie, and white. 🙂

OOTD (11/25/11)

Hello, readers! I know this is late, but here is what I wore on Thanksgiving! I actually wasn’t planning on wearing shoes in general since we had dinner at my house, so don’t mind my Uggs being not fitting for my outfit!

 Of course I do not wear sunglasses inside, but to my defense, the stain glass did let in quite a lot of light. But for details, are tortoiseshell Ray-Bans, wayfarers, of course. I switched my headbands just for fun. Right in this picture is one of my new favorites. It is gold, with 5 metal leaves around it! I got the headband at Target! I am wearing dark skinny jeans-from Target. My sweater is from H&M, and on the elbows have chestnut suede patches! I just love the preppy details of it! And chestnut Uggs, rolled down. 🙂 Hope your holiday was magical! 🙂

Outfit of the Day!

Hello, all! Since I was wearing (what I thought was a cute outfit) yesterday for no reason, I decided it would be grand to put it up for the blog!     

As you can see, I am in the dorm hall. Actually, it is not even my dorm hall, or dorm building, but whatever! What is on top of my head besides hair is a navy blue bow (hidden in my bun). I am wearing a scarf with silver tinsel, which I got from T.J Max. My top is from Nordstrom, which I got years ago! My cardigan is from Target ( or Tar-ghett). I actually have two of these kinds of patterns! This and a pink/purple one! My jeans are from Target as well! Oh, and my gold sparkle flats are form Target as well. Hmmm, I love Target with a deep passion! And did you know Nordstrom and Target are owned by the same company? That is what I heard, and I was so happy to find that out since they are my two fave stores! Happy Sunday! 🙂

Stay sailing,


Happy Prematurity Day!!

Hello all!! And welcome to a special post on Prematurity Day! Why does it come close to home for me? Well, I was premature! It all started long ago, in a far off place in Providence, Rhode Island. Women and Infants to be exect! I am going to brush off the not so glam part of child-birth and get down to the facts! I was born on June 6th, 1992 at around 12:45 AM. I was 3 lbs and 15 oz and 17 inches. My due date, August 3rd. I stayed in the Special Care NNICU for 5 weeks until I reached 5 lbs. Looking at me now, you may never be able to see me without hair. Since the nurses had to put tubes on my little noggin, my mother decided they shave all my hair off since I would end up with tuffs of hair! Just to think if I didn’t have my mane shaven, I could have had manageable and thin hair! And although being born relatively early, I never have been sick, like the flu or chicken pox or what have you. Turns out, when your near death when you’re a newborn, your almost immune to germs. Well, that is my theory! There will photos to come! 🙂

Stay on time!


Vampire Weekend

If you knew me, you would think my type of music would be indie, quirky, techno, pop, etc. Well, your absolutely correct! I love indie quirky techno pop! I do not, however, blast my music in the dorms, because I am a good hallmate. And becuase I do not want to get judgmental looks when playing Lemon Tree (none of the above generes, but still) at full capacity. I do, however, BLAST music is my car. I am a car dancer, in fact I am a dancer in general. Well, one of my fave bands to listen to at respectful level is Vampire Weekend. No, they are not vampires who scope out boring and clusmy girls on the weekend. They are Columbia graduates who are inspired by the awesomeness of Afro-techno-pop sounds. How exactly did I come up with the post? Well, during Accounting on Monday, I heard the word “Contra” and I was so excited, I wrote on my notebook to write a blog post about VW and their album “Contra”. Having heard the song before, I looked it up and in the back of my mind I thought they where using it is a cover up for another word. The accounting definiation is, and I quote from my Accounting notes: is different normal balance. “I Think UR a Contra” is a great song, as well as the rest if the Vampire Weekend collection! 

Bye for now!     Vampire Weekend – Contra 
Chadsey 🙂

Snow Time Before Halloween!

So, as many of you may know, we had a storm. Some of us got snow,sleet,or just cold rain. In Longmeadow, Mass, we got 6 inches and a week off from classes. I go to Bay Path College in this great suburb and we got hit with the snow shovel at around 12 pm on Saturday. We lost power at around 3-4ish and wandered in the dark. By Sunday morning, classes where out ( as well as the power) for Monday and Tuesday. So what is it like to have a snow storm in autumn? Lets get back to that snowy day. When it is the fall, there are leaves still on the trees. In the winter there are no leaves, but snow on the trees. When snow and leaves on the trees combine, they make a mess. The weight of the white fluff on the still falling leaves makes trees fall down. In even little words is snow+leaves on the tree= blocked off roads and cancelled classes and Halloween! Once shooed out of the campus, I traveled back home! Then we got the great news that we where going to have all week out, getting back to school for Monday. Crazy, right?! Yes, yes it is. And I am loving it! I know a few towns are not happy that their children could not go Trick or Treating on Halloween! I do believe they either cancelled it or post poned it. I just hope they got something out of this! So how was everyone else’s cold/snowy/wet/dry Halloween? 🙂 Oh, and on Wednesday we got the news that there is power back on campus!

Photos to come!

Chadsey 🙂

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