D.I.Y. Valentine’s Day Gifts

Can’t afford to splurge on your Valentine this February 14th? When it comes to gifts, it’s really the thought that counts! Why not make him/her something special? Here are a few of my favorite ‘Do It Yourself’ Valentine’s Day craft projects that double as super sweet gifts–

1. Valentine’s Day Baking

The simplest of my D.I.Y. ideas is to simply bake your sweetheart something special. Use his or her favorite cookie recipe or try out a new recipe from Pintrest!


Get creative! Use heart-shaped cookie cutters, doilies, or red and pink sprinkles to make your treats more festive!

2. The “Man Bouquet”

This is a little spin off of a traditional flower bouquet for women. In the men’s version, replace flower buds with small gifts for your special guy to enjoy!


Small Gift Ideas: Scratch Tickets, 5-Hour Energy, Candy, Gum, Mints, Small Snacks, Shot Glasses, Small Bottles of Alcohol, Cigars, Jack Knife, Golf Ball, Mouthwash, First Aid Kit, Keurig Coffee Cups, Small Tools, Gift Cards, Travel Size Toiletries, etc!

Materials Needed:

–       Small Basket or a Vase

–       Small Dowell Rods or Kabob Sticks

–       Styrofoam

–       Ribbon

–       Colored, Shredded Paper (the kind used in gift bags or Easter baskets)/Tissue Paper

–       Clear Tape or Hot Glue

–       Small Gifts


  1. Take your vase or basket and put the styrofoam inside.
  2. Tape each of your small treats to their own respective kabob sticks or dowell rods.
  3. Gather the sticks into the form of a bouquet and place them in the styrofoam.
  4. Use colored shredded paper and ribbon to cover the visible styrofoam and add decoration.

Even though this “Man Bouquet “ is geared towards guys…with a little tweaking it makes a great gift for a girlfriend too!

3. Valentine’s Day Playing Card

Does your Valentine love card games or card tricks? Maybe this is the perfect gift for him/her!


Materials Needed:

-Deck of Cards

-Computer (To type on) or Marker



-Modge Podge

-Hole Punch

-Binder Rings


  1. Get brainstorming! Think of 52 inside jokes or things you love or appreciate about your Valentine!
  2. Type up or write up your little love messages.
  3. Cut out your messages so that they fit nicely on the card
  4. Glue the messages to the playing cards.
  5. Using a paintbrush, paint Modge Podge on the cards and let them dry. (This seals the message to the card and gives the cards a shiny finish.)
  6. Once the Modge Podge has dried, hole punch the cards, line them up, and create a book out of them using the binder rings.

Your Valentine will love all the thought, time, and effort you put into this gift! Plus it doubles as a card ;-)!

There are tons of great ‘Do It Yourself’ Valentine’s Day gift ideas out there! Are you planning on making something special for your Valentine?!

XO, Christine

Images courtesy of Koyal Wholesale, Pinterest Pin, Heart-2-Home, and Scrappy Chick Designs  .


Monogram Phone Backgrounds, Anyone?

I have recently discovered two very handy iPhone apps that create monogramed background images for your phone! I’ve had a fun time exploring the apps…and you will too! 🙂 Here are some of the combinations I’ve come up with for myself along with some of my friends:

1. ‘3initials’ By: Launch NPD — FREE

This app provides so many fonts and background colors to choose from. The background possibilities are endless! As an added bonus, this application is free!



2. ‘Wall About You’ By: McKinley Margo, LLC — $1.99

This app provides tons of cute patterns to use for your background, not to mention just as many great templates to superimpose your monogram onto! On this app, feel free to personalize your new background with anything from a single initial to your full name.


Overall, I would recommend these applications to anyone who was looking for this kind of tool–both apps are very easy to use and make great monogramed background images!

XO, Christine

Curing the Final’s Blues.

As the end of the semester is near, everyone is in the inevitable black hole that is project week, finals week, midterms the last week of classes?, presentations, discussions, etc. To escape this terrible abyss, here are a few tips to slowly see the light at the end of the tunnel. We can do it!1) Decorate your room for the holidays- while this may only take a few minutes out of your day, it will make you feel so much better when you are up at 5 a.m. putting the finishing touches on your final paper and you are being lit my multi-colored string lights. Trust me, I might know. While I probably wouldn’t encourage decking the halls to any extremes, a few strands of lights and some ornaments does a person good.2) Sip- Whether it’s a trip to Starbucks, DD, or the dining hall, sipping on one of your favorite holiday beverages is sure to ease your stress a little bit. I would always recommend a Caramel Brulee Latte from Starbucks or a hot chocolate and Starbucks Red Cups could even put a little cheer in the Grinch!

3) Shop- Nothing makes me feel better than finding the perfect Christmas gift for someone that I love. Even if you just spend ten minutes in the library shopping online, it is a welcome distraction from studying for finals. You might even find some things to add to your own list too!

4) Sing- No one can say that singing a few Christmas carols doesn’t make them feel a little better! I definitely do not recommend this one if you are in the library thought as I don’t think it would be super popular. Just turn on your favorite Christmas Pandora station and relax for a while preferably in a spot where your roommates or neighbors won’t Scrooge you.

5) Deck the Technology!- Download a few (or all if you’re me) of the wallpapers that Karoline made for the Holidays and add some festivity to your phone or laptop. That way when you are sitting and staring at your screen for endless amounts of time, at least it is a little more cheerful!

Curing the Finals Blues.


Pinterest projects for the new school year!

I know, I know…it’s the middle of summer and the last thing on your mind is probably going back to school.  But here’s the thing: it’s actually not that far away.  I’ll be moving to my apartment for the upcoming school year in less than 10 days, which means classes aren’t far behind.  Plus, back to school is my favorite time of the year – buying new school supplies, decorating dorm rooms, I love it all.  As I’ve been planning how I want to decorate my room this year, I have inevitably turned to Pinterest (it’s an addiction, isn’t it?).  I’ve finished a few projects and have even more than I need to find the time to try.  Be sure to click on each of the pictures to be led to the pin.

This was my first Pinterest project of the summer – painting corkboards to go above my desk.  The hardest part of the project was measuring out the stripes – I would not be able to deal if they were uneven and I’m not a math major for a reason.  But they turned out AWESOME and I can’t wait to hang them up!  You can see my Instagram photo of my final product here!

These metallic cork coasters were my second project of the summer – obviously I bought cork in bulk at A.C. Moore this month.  The coasters were very easy to make.  I traced circles on a sheet of cork with a bug mug, instead of purchasing pre-cut coasters.  After that, all you have to do is draw on them with a silver paint pen!  These coasters are going to be absolutely adorable in my apartment.

And finally, one project I’m planning for the coming weeks.  Somehow, from my time spent living in a dorm, I have ended up with way more Sterlite drawers than any one person really needs.  They’re really functional, but not always the prettiest thing.  So, attaching scrapbook paper (whether with Modge Podge or just Scotch tape!) to the inside of the drawers is a great way to make them look better!

What Pinterest crafts have you tried out this summer?!


Sock Buns: Jumping on the Bandwagon

Recently, I have about had it with this giant mane that I was gifted with. I really don’t have the time to straighten, blow dry, or curl my hair so I started looking for a better solution to the “I just came from the Gym but not really messy bun.” I had been seeing tutorials all over Pinterest for sock buns but honestly the whole process just confused me so I held off. But one night while I was procrastinating for a quiz, I decided to make a sock donut out of one of my dad’s socks that somehow came with me to school (sorry Dad :)). I am going to try to provide you with a step by step tutorial because a) my iPhone camera is broken and thus makes the process extra difficult and b) the pictures and videos just confused me even more. So you will have to settle for a wordy tutorial and some horrible quality computer pics. And one picture of my head that someone captured so enjoy that haha.

1) Make your sock donut. So basically I took a dress sock (you need a tall sock so no ankle socks allowed). Basically you cut off the toe region and about two inches above that. Start at the toe part and roll inward NOT OUTWARD. You keep rolling until you run out of sock and then fold the top over so that it is inside of the donut. I gave in and took a picture of my sock donut so it is below.

2) Make a ponytail. You can put it at any spot on your head but I generally put it up high for a ballet-esque bun. Plus, the sock gets a little heavy if it’s on your head all day so by putting it on the top, it doesn’t pull as much.

3) Put on the sock donut and pull it to the end of your ponytail so basically you have about an inch or two of hair hanging over the edge to tuck over.

4) Begin rolling the donut down so that your hair spreads out evenly. You will know when to stop rolling because there won’t be any more hair to roll. I like to put another pony tail holder over the whole thing just to make sure it is secure and then pin any loose pieces.

5) Look in the mirror and see how amazingly awesome you look in like five minutes flat! Sidenote: this picture is not amazingly awesome because it was so windy outside that day! Also please note the real creeper in the back of the T watching.

So for all of you who have been considering the sock bun, try it out! I promise it’s easy and an amazing way to look polished in five minutes flat.

Here is a YouTube video in case my super wordy tutorial did not do it for you. Props to Amber for teaching anyone who got lost in translation.




Easter Party Made Easy.

Since Easter is coming up soon, I decided to do a post on some easy and creative ways to have an preppy and gorgeous Easter party with friends and family. All of these ideas are from Pinterest (surprise, surprise I know).

I love this flower arrangement and with just a few eggs, it makes the perfect centerpiece for any Easter table. I had a centerpiece kind of similar to this for my Graduation Party except with limes and it turned out adorably. It adds a little extra spice for not a lot of work or money.


This is an easy and cute snack for any Easter party as well. All it is is an Oreo, a marshmallow, and a jelly bean. Easy enough, right?


I’m obsessed with these Printables and they’re free! They would be perfect for place cards, napkin rings, or just scattered around.


These chocolate covered strawberries are perfect for any get together for Easter. The chocolate is died orange so that the strawberry looks like a carrot. Cute, right? This would be great “bunny food” to leave out for the Easter Bunny to munch on when he drops off the baskets too. These are also good for party favors.


And last but not least, an Easter Wreath that if I had the time to make, would be hanging on our dorm door for sure! This would definitely invite the Easter Bunny in to drop off his goodies and maybe entice him to leave some clothes or accessories too (hear that Bunny?)


I hope that all of these ideas get you in the Easter mood!



Decorate, decorate, decorate!

Valentine’s Day might not be my favorite holiday, but it’s definitely one of my favorite to decorate for.  Although, I must admit that almost any excuse to decorate makes something my “favorite”.  However, this year I actually have a Valentine for once, and I’m feeling extra-festive.

I’ve been browsing Pinterest (follow me and Laurie Beth!) and boy is it chock-full of adorable ideas for decorating.  I’ve re-pinned a bunch of my favorites on my “Holiday Decorating Ideas” board, and I’ll share them with you!

These felt fortune cookies from Martha Stewart make an adorable decoration and present once V-Day actually rolls around!

I love this pom-pom garland from Noodlehead!  You could also re-make it to decorate for any other holiday/occasion, so the possibilities are endless!

This fabric heart garland from How About Orange definitely has a bit of a higher degree of difficulty, but it’s so cute!

Finally, Skip to my Lou has printouts and directions to make the CUTEST (and preppiest) valentines I’ve ever seen!  I’ll definitely be making a bunch of these to give to all of my friends!!

Will you be decorating for Valentine’s Day?

xoxo, Karoline

PS.  This weekend, I went to a Super Bowl party at my Aunt’s house.  Upon arriving, I realized that I was in good company in my sartorial choices.  Me, my mom, my Aunt Kate, and my friend Molly were all in the same basic look–navy Patriots shirt and red sweater/sweatshirt.  They all read (and love!) The Prep Crew and it was very reminiscent of my game day post! I thought it was too funny 🙂

Me, my mom, my Aunt Kate, and my friend Molly...way too funny!

DIY Decorations

As of about a week ago, I’m officially living in a house off-campus next year!  I’m really excited about it, so I’ve been slightly obsessively searching Pinterest for some cute and easy DIY decorations for next year!  I’ve started an entirely new board (no, really, if you aren’t following me already, I have some kind of awesome pins) for all my ideas and it’s becoming my newest form of procrastination.  Here’s some cute ideas I’ve found so far! Click on the pictures for the sources.

I work at a furniture boutique and last summer, we sold pillows almost exactly like these!  Ours were made out of felt and came in some really cool colors, so I was really excited when I found a DIY version of them.

I think these coasters made out of Scrabble tiles are SO cool!  I think a fun modification to this idea would be spelling out things with the tiles.

For some reason, I think maps are an interesting decoration piece.  I would love to do, spelling out Raleigh (my hometown) and maps of Raleigh!

DIY Christmas Gifts.

Every year my friends and I do a Secret Santa for each other. I, with my strong desire to constantly craft, always like to make something (or try at least). So here are two super easy DIY Christmas/Hanukkah craft ideas for under $25.

Monogram Letters

I actually made these for my roommate and I this year for our door. They are super easy to do and do not cost a lot at all. All you need is a letter from your local craft store, two or three of your favorite pieces of scrapbook paper, and a bottle of mod-podge. I like to lay out one of the pieces of paper to cover the whole letter so it is easier to apply the other papers to the paper and not to the wood (if that makes sense). Once you do that, it is really just howevever you want to apply the paper. Once you get everything laid out the way you want, apply the mod-podge, let it dry over night and reapply. (I think I did this three times just to make sure.) After this, you’re all done! Easy and cute!


DIY Tie Pillows

These are a really popular gift idea for those of us who are not so talented in the sewing department. My friend mMa and I made these for all of our friends for graduation presents last year (in college colors of course). All you need is a pillow insert, and one or two of your favorite fabrics. Make sure you get one where the edges will not fray. Once you do that, lay your pillow out and align your two pieces of fabric to fit over. Next, cut out a square of fabric on each corner of the pillow to make the corners. For the next step, make sure that you have SHARP scissors. Measure all around your pillow and make sure there is about five inches on each side. You need to cut strips that are around 3/4 of an inch all around the four sides of the pillow. If you want to measure you can but I usually just like to eyeball it. Once you have completed this, slide your pillow insert in and tie all of the strips together in a double knot to make sure they do not come undone. If you want there to be a front and back, I recommend tying them all on the same side. If not, you can tie every other strip (as in tie the front and the back together, skip one, and then repeat), flip it over, and then tie the rest so that there is no distinguishing the front from the back. PS This also works for blankets!

Hope these are helpful for all of your DIY Christmas Present endeavors!

Preppy Craft

So I know I am going to sound like a grandmother here, but… I love to needlepoint! Other than going to the gym, doing needlepoint totally relaxes me. Plus I feel productive at the same time! In the northeast there are tons of needlepoint shops especially on the Vineyard and Nantucket. It is so much fun looking at the different preppy canvases and picking out your next project. In the summer my favorite thing to do is sit on the back of the boat and needlepoint. I usually make needlepoint belts because they are super easy and then I can give them to my dad. When you are done with the belt you can send it away to be finished. Luckily my parents own a belt manufacturing business so I can have tons of belts made!

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