Statement Jewelry

Statement Jewelry


I have been working in a high end retail store this summer and while I can not nearly afford 75% of the merchandise I have been introduced to some great brands.  One of my favorite brands is the jewlery brand, Mija.  Their jewelry has character and is truly one of a kind.  I absolutely love their elephant necklace!  Here are some of my favorites:

Nautical Terms

Whether you enjoy tubing, waterskiing, sailing, or going for a sunset cruise, many of us will be finding ourselves on boats this summer.  I thought it would be helpful to list some nautical etiquette and terms so that you can be the perfect guest.


1. Before boarding a boat please ask for permission to come aboard

2. Either remove your shoes or make sure you are wearing non-skiff shoes (such as Sperry’s)

3. Make sure that there are enough lifejackets for all people aboard (even if you are not wearing one)

4. Upon leaving the dock, make sure that all lines and fenders are in

5. Respect the captain’s requests


1. The front of the boat is referred to as the bow and the back of the boat is the stern (the front is also known as forward and the back as aft)

2. Right is known as starboard and is marked by the color green and left is known as port and is marked by the color red

3. When coming into the harbor the red channel markers should be on your right and the green channel markers should be on your left (when leaving the harbor the green markers should be on your right and red on your left)

4.  When the boat is at the dock, it is “docked” not “parked”

5.  Boaters use nautical charts, not “maps” to help them navigate

Hopefully you all know a little more about boating and have a wonderful time on the water this summer!


My family loves to travel and at each of our favorite vacation spots we like to buy Catstudio pillows. The pillows are super cute and highlight some of my favorite places at each vacation destination.  Our family collection is unique and always sparks conversation about treasured vacation memories. Here are some of my favorites!

A Nautical Summer


For years my sister and I have collected scallop shells on summer vacations.  We would search for the perfect shaped shells and bring them home to add to our collection.  Now the scallop shape has become a huge, summer fashion trend. You can find dresses, shorts, skirts, and shirts all which feature this unique scallop design.

Here are some of my favorites:

The Starboard Sea

I just finished “The Starboard Sea” by Amber Dermont and absolutely loved it! First of all, although you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, it had such a preppy cover that I immediately knew I would enjoy it!  I have always been intrigued by the prep school culture and social life.  I really enjoyed “A Separate Piece” by John Knowles and the slightly less academic read, “Prep” by Curtis Sittenfeld.  “The Starboard Sea” is coming of age novel about a rising senior, Jason Prosper, who was been kicked out of an elite boarding school and transferred to another prep school with the help of his father’s money and alumni connections.  Set in New England in 1988, the novel accurately depicts the privilege and lifestyle of the upper class amidst the 1987 financial crash.  Complete with your typical prep school hazing, parties, and romance, the novel offers a window into the students’ lives. However, the students’ struggles go beyond the glamour of their wealth. The novel is centered around Jason’s love of sailing as the novel appears to be set at Tabor Academy, which is located right on the shores of Marion, Massachusetts. Jason’s love of the sea is a driving force throughout the novel and ultimately becomes his guiding light during his time at Bellingham Prep.  Between prep school and sailing what is not to love? Once again I truly enjoyed this summer read and would definitely recommend it!  I could go on and on about this book…but I am going to let you read the rest!


The First Boat Ride of the Season

The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days!  Each year my summer always begins with the first boat ride.  I have truly grown up on boats my whole life.  I have had my boater’s license since I was eleven and have been wearing Sperries since I was a child (when it was not cool to wear them).

Day on the boat:

Great day on the water:

Guilty Pleasure

Each year my sister and I get obsessed with one show and we end up buying all of the seasons.  This year for Christmas we got the complete series of Friends.  Ever since we have been working our way through each season and now we have officially seen every episode. We always love watching sitcoms together because they are so mindless.  Last year we watched got all the seasons of Gilmore Girls.  It is amazing how you get so immersed into the show that you start talking like the characters. What are some of your guilty pleasure shows?

Image Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Chappy Wraps

While most of us are not quite in the stage of our lives where will are designing living rooms and family rooms, we are always on the hunt to make our dorm rooms feel more like home. My favorite go-tos are blankets and pillows.  While I have always had a childhood blanket, which I absolutely adore, I was not about to bring it to college…Thus I discovered Chappy Wraps.  How is it that I could ever replace my childhood blanket?

While on the Vineyard over the summer, I stayed at a friend’s guest house on Chappy.   The guest house was completely outfitted with Chappy Wraps. It was here, all wrapped up in the blanket, as I watched the sunrise over Edgartown harbor that I truly fell in love.

Picture Courtesy of Fine Art America

Chappy Wraps are large (60” by 80”) and come in a wide variety of bright, fun prints.  The company started when two friends thought it would be a great idea to replace their tattered, childhood blankets (sound familiar).  Chappy Wraps can be found in many specialty stores throughout the Northeast or on their online website.

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