New Year = New Semester

Its about that time of year! All the holidays are over, you have just spent a relaxing month or so at home, and now its time to get ready to head back to campus! I personally love beginning a new semester. A whole new slew of classes, new and transfer students to befriend, getting back into the swing of clubs and sports, and of course, since its spring semester, beautiful weather to look forward to! Here are some of my new semester essentials!


C. Wonder Pink Nylon Easy Tote



I began class this past Wednesday and have fallen in love with using this amazing C. Wonder tote to carry my books around. It is the perfect size to hold your books and other essentials and is easy enough to throw over your shoulder and be on your way! Plus, my laptop fits in it perfectly! It has convenient pockets to store pens, chapstick and other quick, easy necessities. I got really tired of the traditional backpack last semester and this bag is practical and adorable! Plus, it can really dress up an outfit!


Lilly Pulitzer Planner



Being organized is key to starting out a successful semester! I am completely obsessed with my Lilly planner. It is the perfect size to fit in my purse or bag, and it has enough room to fit in all my assignments, appointments, meetings, phone numbers, and reminders! It really helps me stay organized, especially when running from the library to sorority chapter to Dance Marathon exec meetings! I can easily sort out what needs to be done for when, and time myself throughout the day! It even has room for to-do lists!

Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler



For me, coffee is a must for those early morning classes and while running around campus each day! This cute Lilly tumbler makes carrying my drinks cute and easy! You can put anything in here and it keeps it cold and has a straw for easy access!


iPhone Wristlet



These new iPhone wristlets are all the rage on my campus! They make carrying all your necessities, from money to IDs to credit cards to your iPhone, super easy and convenient by putting it all in one place that fits on your wrist! It doesn’t look bulky at all and the bright, cute colors and the leather make this a fashion staple. This accessory is amazing for going out, because it minimizes your bag drastically, as well as running around each day because you can easily find everything you need! They have so many different styles, colors, and brands of these, but these here have caught my eye!


Good luck to everyone starting your new semester!





Bags for class

After I wore a hole in the bottom of my large Longchamp, I’ve been on a search for a new bag for school (can you tell my mind is on school starting back!?).  I started looking seriously a couple weeks ago, and I swear I went through every single brown leather tote bag I could find on the Internet!  I needed something that would be appropriate to take to class, work and my internship – and would fit my 15-inch MacBook Pro, planner, books and notebooks!  Needless to say, this was not an easy search…I’ve looked at enough bags for one lifetime, I think.  But after nitpicking literally every single one of them, I’m going to share with you my top picks (and the one I eventually bought) and the pros and cons of each.

The Legacy Tanner Tote from Coach was my top choice for a really long time.  When I first saw it online, I actually really disliked it – then saw it in the store and fell in love.  Online, I thought it was monstrously big, and in person, I thought it was the perfect size!  I love that this bag is professional looking, but casual enough to be able to use around campus.  My only problems with this bag was the price ($500!!) and the fact that the kind of leather would show imperfections pretty easily – but the price was ultimately what made me look for other options.

The Collection Brompton Hobo from J.Crew is a little bit more laid back than the Coach bag – which is good or bad, depending on how you look at it.  I was looking for something with a little more structure, but with my laptop in it, the bag had a little more shape than it does in the picture.  I was really surprised my computer even fit in this bag!  There isn’t a ton of space for anything else after you put a computer in – but if you don’t carry much, it’s a good, more reasonably priced option ($298).  One of the things that attracted me to this bag was the fact that it had a cross-body option, as well as top handles.

The entire time I was looking, I was keeping the classic Vineyard Vines tote in the back of my mind.  I was more in the market for a leather bag, but I knew if I couldn’t find anything else, I could fall back on this bag – and with its inexpensive ($95), even if I ended up finding something I liked better, it would be a good piece to keep in my closet. My drawbacks on this one was that it was less appropriate to take to my internship and the canvas would show dirt really easily.

And finally the bag I ended up purchasing – the Crosby Shopper from Cole Haan!  It was kind of a stroke of fate that I found this bag.  I looked at Cole Haan’s website and scrolled right on by this bag.  Then yesterday, I had a couple hours to kill and ended up at the mall, bag shopping.  I found a bag I liked at Nordstrom, left to think about it and just wandered into Cole Haan and came upon this!  This bag is seriously awesome – the shade of leather is exactly what I was looking for.  And there’s so much room inside!  The salesperson opened the bag, and my jaw actually dropped.  I can fit my laptop, planner, book, sunglasses case, wallet, EVERYTHING in there, and there’s still so much space left (perfect since I swear I get more stuff over the course of every day!).  At $350, it’s reasonably priced for a bag I intend on using for at least two more years.

What bag do you use for class?


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