Relay for Life

According to, “In May 1985, Dr. Gordy Klatt walked and ran for 24 hours around a track in Tacoma, Washington, ultimately raising $27,000 to help the American Cancer Society fight the nation’s biggest health concern – cancer. A year later, 340 supporters joined the overnight event. Since those first steps, the Relay For Life movement has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, raising more than $4 billion to fight cancer” (

Relay for Life is an over night, community fundraising walk, taking taking place on a track. Fundraising teams are made, and they camp out around the track, with members on the team taking turns walking throughout the night. Activities, entertainment, and games make Relay for Life events fun and exciting!

It’s that ‘Relay’ time of year again! Are you part of a community that puts on a Relay for Life event? If so, what are you waiting for? Get a team together and start fundraising! All money raised goes  to benefit the American Cancer Society and supports the fight against Cancer.

I am very excited to participate in a Relay for Life event this Friday at Bridgewater State University. As a college community, (as of today) BSU has raised over $43,000 to support the American Cancer Society via a Relay for Life event!!! (Go Bears!)

Relay for Life ‘s theme color is purple; the purple ribbon is the universal sign designated to represent all Cancers. Add a couple purple accents and accessories to your wardrobe to help “paint your community purple”, and spread awareness about Relay for Life!

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 8.06.44 PM

I ‘Relay’ for SarahBoczanowski and Cathy Brossi, two very important people to me, whose lives have been effected by Cancer. With individuals coming together, small communities will be able to make a huge impact on those suffering from Cancer, by spreading hope, awareness, and support to loved ones who need it, and honor to all survivors.

Why do you ‘Relay’?

XO, Christine

DONATE to Relay for Life TODAY!!! 🙂

Click HERE to learn more about Relay for Life!


A little Pre-Thanksgiving fun!

Before all of my friends and I all head back home for turkey, family, and football, I like to celebrate Thanksgiving’s lesser-known cousin, Friendsgiving. It’s a great evening filled with friends, food, laughter, and full stomachs. I love Friendsgiving because it’s a fun way to let your friends at school know how much they mean to you and to celebrate the bonds you’ve made. Also, it’s a great way to extend my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

This year, my roommate and I had dinner with a bunch of our guy friends. We made turkey pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and my roommate’s boyfriend even made raviolis! It was all so delicious, and the guys were so excited to start their Thanksgiving break off with a home-cooked meal before they even left.

Before we all ate, I made everyone go around the table and say what they were thankful for. It’s something that we do in my family every year, and it’s my favorite Thanksgiving tradition.

Here’s some pictures from our feast!

SO MUCH good food!

My roomie and me 🙂

The boys, digging in.

Allison's boyfriend came all the way from South Carolina to celebrate!

Group picture!

Our family picture! 🙂

One cool thing about having our own version of Thanksgiving here at school is that our school is in Plymouth County in Massachusetts. And, as you all know, Plymouth is where the Pilgrims and Indians celebrated the first Thanksgiving in 1621! I love that I get to celebrate in the place where it all began.

Do you celebrate any form of Friendsgiving? Share in the comments!

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