Hey y’all!

I hope you’re having a great week!  I apologize for not posting on TPC for the past few weeks!  Spring semester has been pure craziness and I’ve barely had a chance to breathe, let alone sit down and write a blog post.  Although things are still crazy, I needed to take a study break and I thought I would see how y’all were doing!

With finals quickly approaching (eeeeek!), I thought I would share a few tips to help you get through the last few weeks of the semester as stress-free as possible.  Unfortunately, I can’t take away all the stress, but I can help you to help yourself!

1. Make Lists
I’m pretty sure that all of the TPC girls are compulsive to-do list makers!  I know for certain that Katie and I are especially fond of daily lists on stickie notes inside of our agendas.  With that said, whether it’s a daily list outlining everything that needs to be done that night or a long-term to do list outlining due dates and test dates for the rest of the semester, make things as easy to read as possible.  Instead of having to hunt through all of your syllabi to find that due date, put them all in one place!

2. Take time a break!
As much homework or studying as you have to do, it can always wait a few minutes.  It’s actually a really good idea to set an alarm every 45-60 minutes so that you get up, take a walk, get a drink, and allow your brain a few minutes to relax.  After that break sometimes I start a different assignment, make my bed, put in a load of laundry, or do something other quick chore that needs to be done.  Then, when you go back to work your brain will be refreshed and you might even be able to study better!

I know finals week seems like an appealing time to pull a bunch of all-nighters, to take only short naps, and to ditch any kind of sleep schedule you may have once had.  I’m here to tell you that that is a terrible idea.  Well, I know y’all already knew that, but I thought I’d remind you!  I understand if you can’t get nine hours of sleep, but a solid six hours of sleep each night (or early morning…) is essential!

What are some of your tips to get through finals week and the end of the semester?



New Year = New Semester

Its about that time of year! All the holidays are over, you have just spent a relaxing month or so at home, and now its time to get ready to head back to campus! I personally love beginning a new semester. A whole new slew of classes, new and transfer students to befriend, getting back into the swing of clubs and sports, and of course, since its spring semester, beautiful weather to look forward to! Here are some of my new semester essentials!


C. Wonder Pink Nylon Easy Tote



I began class this past Wednesday and have fallen in love with using this amazing C. Wonder tote to carry my books around. It is the perfect size to hold your books and other essentials and is easy enough to throw over your shoulder and be on your way! Plus, my laptop fits in it perfectly! It has convenient pockets to store pens, chapstick and other quick, easy necessities. I got really tired of the traditional backpack last semester and this bag is practical and adorable! Plus, it can really dress up an outfit!


Lilly Pulitzer Planner



Being organized is key to starting out a successful semester! I am completely obsessed with my Lilly planner. It is the perfect size to fit in my purse or bag, and it has enough room to fit in all my assignments, appointments, meetings, phone numbers, and reminders! It really helps me stay organized, especially when running from the library to sorority chapter to Dance Marathon exec meetings! I can easily sort out what needs to be done for when, and time myself throughout the day! It even has room for to-do lists!

Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler



For me, coffee is a must for those early morning classes and while running around campus each day! This cute Lilly tumbler makes carrying my drinks cute and easy! You can put anything in here and it keeps it cold and has a straw for easy access!


iPhone Wristlet



These new iPhone wristlets are all the rage on my campus! They make carrying all your necessities, from money to IDs to credit cards to your iPhone, super easy and convenient by putting it all in one place that fits on your wrist! It doesn’t look bulky at all and the bright, cute colors and the leather make this a fashion staple. This accessory is amazing for going out, because it minimizes your bag drastically, as well as running around each day because you can easily find everything you need! They have so many different styles, colors, and brands of these, but these here have caught my eye!


Good luck to everyone starting your new semester!




Study Playlist

Hey everyone!

I know the semester is winding down and finals will soon be upon us all! While finals are often a time of stress and pressure, music can help make everything better! Whether you listen to music to study or need music as an escape, I have made a playlist on Spotify of my favorite study/relaxing jams. With this music, I can tune out the world and focus on my studies or just close my eyes for a minute and take a quick break from all the work. Enjoy!

TPC Study

Oh So Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving Loves!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year because it means three of my favorite things: Family, Friends, and Food! Every Thanksgiving, our family comes out to our house for a huge day of football followed by an amazing meal. Also, we have friends stop by all day long for a quick toss of the football, to catch a few minutes of the Jets game, or to share in the dessert and coffee at the end of the day. Our friends are so close that we consider them family, and I love that aspect of my family. We are always one to take in a friend from school if they have nowhere to spend their holidays or live too far. We also love to share the day with our amazing friends from the neighborhood, and I am oh so thankful to have so many amazing friends and family members in my life.

This year has been quite the amazing one. I have fallen in love with my school as well as the state of South Carolina, achieved amazing things including joining Phi Mu sorority, becoming a chair on the Dance Marathon executive board, rocking all my classes in the Honors College, working the 2012 PGA Championship at Kiawah Island with some of my coworkers who became my best and closest friends, traveling to Chicago to see The Boss (Bruce Springsteen) at Wrigley Field, voting in my first presidential election, and celebrating being a member of the Student Alumni Associates over and over again. I am so thankful for all the wonderful things in my life and I would not trade my experiences for anything in this world.

I am so thankful for my family, who is ALWAYS there for me, whether it be big or small, and supports me every single step of the way. We have gone through a lot this year, especially with Hurricane Sandy ravaging my hometown of Breezy Point, NY, but we have stuck through it and it has brought us closer, from running clothing drives to housing relatives and neighbors to rebuilding the community. These experiences have taught me that together, we can get through and achieve anything.

My friends have proven to be such a blessing and I am so thankful for each and every one of them. College has provided me with a wealth of amazing people and I am so glad to have met them and consider so many of them my friends, and now sisters in Phi Mu. My job at Kiawah introduced me to so many wonderful people who, like me, obsessed over PGA golfers and Tiger Woods’ boat parked in our marina and tennis and karaoke. I work with an amazing group of people on Dance Marathon who are all committed to making a difference for the children of MUSC Children’s Hospital. They inspire me each and every day. The Student Alumni Associates help me gain a better understanding of the college and what a great place it is to go to school. I am so very thankful for all the people who have entered my life and made such an impact.

Here is a collage of all the people, places and experiences this year has brought me and how thankful I am for them all. I hope yall had a terrific Thanksgiving!





DIY Decorations

As of about a week ago, I’m officially living in a house off-campus next year!  I’m really excited about it, so I’ve been slightly obsessively searching Pinterest for some cute and easy DIY decorations for next year!  I’ve started an entirely new board (no, really, if you aren’t following me already, I have some kind of awesome pins) for all my ideas and it’s becoming my newest form of procrastination.  Here’s some cute ideas I’ve found so far! Click on the pictures for the sources.

I work at a furniture boutique and last summer, we sold pillows almost exactly like these!  Ours were made out of felt and came in some really cool colors, so I was really excited when I found a DIY version of them.

I think these coasters made out of Scrabble tiles are SO cool!  I think a fun modification to this idea would be spelling out things with the tiles.

For some reason, I think maps are an interesting decoration piece.  I would love to do, spelling out Raleigh (my hometown) and maps of Raleigh!

OOTD 12/1/11

Happy December, everyone! Now, what am I wearing on this first day of the 12th month? Great question! Here we go! Oh, and the photo will be up after…I am the worst classy-mirror shot photographer ever so I have to troll around to find someone willing to capture my awesomeness.

As you can see, or maybe not see, I am a wearing a yellow-green patterned cardigan from Target (where else?) I just love this thing! It is by far my fave cardigan, and if you know me, I have a disturbing amount of them. What I am wearing underneath would have to be one of my fave tops. It is sooo nautical/classy/bow-tastic/comfy(like I would care if it wasn’t) top! I actually got it in Paris during my trip there for Spring Break! It is from NafNaf (which I learned means pig feet or something). My jeans are from Target. I swear I have more than one pair of jeans! They all are the same basically, and almost the same color. I like my jeans dark and skinny. And on my feet are God’s gift to land/sea: Sperry’s. Funny story about these: I was in Bermuda with my family and I was looking down for some reason, probably admiring the concrete steps, and I come across these Topsider-ed couple dressed to prep perfection. My whole family was like: Did you see them?! I was like, they are the top preppy couple I have ever seen. And the fab dressed young woman was donning these Sperry’s. So, once we got back, I went to a trip to the mall and basically BOLTED to the shoe section of Nordstrom, and found this pais of magical shoes. No regrets. Just love. #KatyPerry

Other: Blue bow and I can show my bling some other time!

Oh, and I went shopping last week and I have 3 new items in my closet. I love them all, but I have to  wait for the right time to spring in out! Some hints: there is a color that I would never wear, a bow tie, and white. 🙂

A little Pre-Thanksgiving fun!

Before all of my friends and I all head back home for turkey, family, and football, I like to celebrate Thanksgiving’s lesser-known cousin, Friendsgiving. It’s a great evening filled with friends, food, laughter, and full stomachs. I love Friendsgiving because it’s a fun way to let your friends at school know how much they mean to you and to celebrate the bonds you’ve made. Also, it’s a great way to extend my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

This year, my roommate and I had dinner with a bunch of our guy friends. We made turkey pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and my roommate’s boyfriend even made raviolis! It was all so delicious, and the guys were so excited to start their Thanksgiving break off with a home-cooked meal before they even left.

Before we all ate, I made everyone go around the table and say what they were thankful for. It’s something that we do in my family every year, and it’s my favorite Thanksgiving tradition.

Here’s some pictures from our feast!

SO MUCH good food!

My roomie and me 🙂

The boys, digging in.

Allison's boyfriend came all the way from South Carolina to celebrate!

Group picture!

Our family picture! 🙂

One cool thing about having our own version of Thanksgiving here at school is that our school is in Plymouth County in Massachusetts. And, as you all know, Plymouth is where the Pilgrims and Indians celebrated the first Thanksgiving in 1621! I love that I get to celebrate in the place where it all began.

Do you celebrate any form of Friendsgiving? Share in the comments!

Postive Thinking

Recently, I bought a book titled ” Better Each Day”, by Jessica Cassity. I knew at once this book would be a great help for blog postings. It contains ‘365 Expert Tips for a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER You.’ Who wouldn’t want to be happy everyday? I sure do not know anyone who is a sour sailor everyday just because they feel like it. Ok, so why am I telling you this? I am telling you this because you will be along for the ride as I make even more reasons to be happy and healthy everyday! YAY! Lets start it off on number #48: Your friends can make you fit. Other then the fact that I honestly just opened to that page, I have something to relate to it. The first line underneath the title is ” Are your friends making you fat?” Well, the answer for me is no! Just a few hours ago, my BFF, lets call her A, agreed to go the gym after I finished Building at 8:30 pm. I know, ew is right. Of course, being a girl in college, I go ” Ughh, I am so fat.” I can admit that I say that, but not to get ” OHMYTOTES, you are sooo not fat!”I find that annoying, yet it does give me a ping of added happiness. She is supporting me by going to the gym with me! We usually go at different times! Yayy! Having gym buddies, especially in college, is a great bond to have! Who wants to be running ( walking fast in my case) by yourself watching HOUSE? Not me, ok, only a few times! Friends also are usually not all the same size and do not eat the same as each other. Focus on yourself!Once again, in college, your eating with the same usual group of friends/hallmates, and there is COLLEGE FOOD! Serve to the masses, and the purpose is to please the masses, which usually it does not. (Lucky for me, I am a tank when it comes to food-not that I ate a bunch, I just have no health related problems that make me sick, if you must know 🙂 ) Think of it as a HEALTHY comptetion. Strive for goals. But of course healthy ones and ask one of you closer/honest friend about what they think you could work on a little more. Or you can always go to the trainer at your gym!

BTW: This was written on Monday 🙂

❤ Chadsey

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