Pan-Am, the new series that premiered on September 25th on ABC, is everything a girl could want. It’s full of love, mystery, history, and of course cute clothes. Set in the 1960’s – in my opinion, one of the most interesting periods in American history – the show is based on the life of Pan-American stewardesses and pilots. As a little girl I always wanted to travel the world, and the stewardesses of Pan-am get to live my childhood dream. They’re young, beautiful, educated, and worldly. And not to mention, they have every guy with two eyes fawning all over them.

Even though I’ve only had the pleasure of enjoying five episodes so far this season, the third – “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” – might be my favorite. I couldn’t help but be glued to the t.v. as Maggie Ryan chased President Kennedy around Berlin. Follow the Pan-Am girls as they travel around the world every Sunday night at 10.

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