Fourth of July OOTD!

Hey everyone,

One of my favorite holidays is coming up–the Fourth of July! I have always loved checking out fireworks and attending cook outs with friends and family to celebrate America’s birthday. This year I was very upset to find out that I’ll be spending the day time this Thursday, stuck inside, working… BUT! I won’t let that stop me from getting festive! Check out this red, white, and blue outfit I plan on wearing to work!

Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 9.26.14 PM


Shirt: J.Crew

Pants: Joseph Quinlan

Cardigan: ELuxe

Shoes: Sperry


What are you wearing this Thursday?!

XO, Christine


Shopping for Summer Dresses?

Hey everyone,

Summertime is officially here! For me, that means it’s time to break out the summer dresses! I’ve been on the hunt for some new ones that are affordable and super cute, and I have recently come up with a slew of online shops that are summer dress gold minds to share with you guys! Happy shopping!


1. Lulu’s Shop

2. Nasty Gal

3. Hope’s Shop (My new favorite online store!)

4. Asos

5. Tobi

XO, Christine

D.I.Y. Valentine’s Day Gifts

Can’t afford to splurge on your Valentine this February 14th? When it comes to gifts, it’s really the thought that counts! Why not make him/her something special? Here are a few of my favorite ‘Do It Yourself’ Valentine’s Day craft projects that double as super sweet gifts–

1. Valentine’s Day Baking

The simplest of my D.I.Y. ideas is to simply bake your sweetheart something special. Use his or her favorite cookie recipe or try out a new recipe from Pintrest!


Get creative! Use heart-shaped cookie cutters, doilies, or red and pink sprinkles to make your treats more festive!

2. The “Man Bouquet”

This is a little spin off of a traditional flower bouquet for women. In the men’s version, replace flower buds with small gifts for your special guy to enjoy!


Small Gift Ideas: Scratch Tickets, 5-Hour Energy, Candy, Gum, Mints, Small Snacks, Shot Glasses, Small Bottles of Alcohol, Cigars, Jack Knife, Golf Ball, Mouthwash, First Aid Kit, Keurig Coffee Cups, Small Tools, Gift Cards, Travel Size Toiletries, etc!

Materials Needed:

–       Small Basket or a Vase

–       Small Dowell Rods or Kabob Sticks

–       Styrofoam

–       Ribbon

–       Colored, Shredded Paper (the kind used in gift bags or Easter baskets)/Tissue Paper

–       Clear Tape or Hot Glue

–       Small Gifts


  1. Take your vase or basket and put the styrofoam inside.
  2. Tape each of your small treats to their own respective kabob sticks or dowell rods.
  3. Gather the sticks into the form of a bouquet and place them in the styrofoam.
  4. Use colored shredded paper and ribbon to cover the visible styrofoam and add decoration.

Even though this “Man Bouquet “ is geared towards guys…with a little tweaking it makes a great gift for a girlfriend too!

3. Valentine’s Day Playing Card

Does your Valentine love card games or card tricks? Maybe this is the perfect gift for him/her!


Materials Needed:

-Deck of Cards

-Computer (To type on) or Marker



-Modge Podge

-Hole Punch

-Binder Rings


  1. Get brainstorming! Think of 52 inside jokes or things you love or appreciate about your Valentine!
  2. Type up or write up your little love messages.
  3. Cut out your messages so that they fit nicely on the card
  4. Glue the messages to the playing cards.
  5. Using a paintbrush, paint Modge Podge on the cards and let them dry. (This seals the message to the card and gives the cards a shiny finish.)
  6. Once the Modge Podge has dried, hole punch the cards, line them up, and create a book out of them using the binder rings.

Your Valentine will love all the thought, time, and effort you put into this gift! Plus it doubles as a card ;-)!

There are tons of great ‘Do It Yourself’ Valentine’s Day gift ideas out there! Are you planning on making something special for your Valentine?!

XO, Christine

Images courtesy of Koyal Wholesale, Pinterest Pin, Heart-2-Home, and Scrappy Chick Designs  .

Welcome 2013!

Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 4.00.46 PM

All of us at The Prep Crew are wishing you and your loved ones a safe, happy, and successful 2013! Happy New Year!

Postive Thinking

Recently, I bought a book titled ” Better Each Day”, by Jessica Cassity. I knew at once this book would be a great help for blog postings. It contains ‘365 Expert Tips for a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER You.’ Who wouldn’t want to be happy everyday? I sure do not know anyone who is a sour sailor everyday just because they feel like it. Ok, so why am I telling you this? I am telling you this because you will be along for the ride as I make even more reasons to be happy and healthy everyday! YAY! Lets start it off on number #48: Your friends can make you fit. Other then the fact that I honestly just opened to that page, I have something to relate to it. The first line underneath the title is ” Are your friends making you fat?” Well, the answer for me is no! Just a few hours ago, my BFF, lets call her A, agreed to go the gym after I finished Building at 8:30 pm. I know, ew is right. Of course, being a girl in college, I go ” Ughh, I am so fat.” I can admit that I say that, but not to get ” OHMYTOTES, you are sooo not fat!”I find that annoying, yet it does give me a ping of added happiness. She is supporting me by going to the gym with me! We usually go at different times! Yayy! Having gym buddies, especially in college, is a great bond to have! Who wants to be running ( walking fast in my case) by yourself watching HOUSE? Not me, ok, only a few times! Friends also are usually not all the same size and do not eat the same as each other. Focus on yourself!Once again, in college, your eating with the same usual group of friends/hallmates, and there is COLLEGE FOOD! Serve to the masses, and the purpose is to please the masses, which usually it does not. (Lucky for me, I am a tank when it comes to food-not that I ate a bunch, I just have no health related problems that make me sick, if you must know 🙂 ) Think of it as a HEALTHY comptetion. Strive for goals. But of course healthy ones and ask one of you closer/honest friend about what they think you could work on a little more. Or you can always go to the trainer at your gym!

BTW: This was written on Monday 🙂

❤ Chadsey

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