St. Patrick’s Day!

As a grandchild of Irish immigrants and being 100% Irish, I LOVE St. Patrick’s Day more than any other day of the year! I grew up outside of New York City with my Irish family so I would always be allowed to skip school on March 17 and head into NYC to march in the big parade! It was always the best time, getting to be with my family and celebrating our heritage and of course finishing the whole day off with a glorious Irish meal of Corned Beef and Cabbage! But, finding green to wear was always troublesome, so here are some of the best St. Patrick’s Day outfit ideas!


J. Crew Factory


J. Crew Factory


J. Crew Factory


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Sláinte! Erin Go Bragh!




Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our readers!  I hope you have a great day (even if you are just looking forward to the half-price candy tomorrow!  I know I am!)


D.I.Y. Valentine’s Day Gifts

Can’t afford to splurge on your Valentine this February 14th? When it comes to gifts, it’s really the thought that counts! Why not make him/her something special? Here are a few of my favorite ‘Do It Yourself’ Valentine’s Day craft projects that double as super sweet gifts–

1. Valentine’s Day Baking

The simplest of my D.I.Y. ideas is to simply bake your sweetheart something special. Use his or her favorite cookie recipe or try out a new recipe from Pintrest!


Get creative! Use heart-shaped cookie cutters, doilies, or red and pink sprinkles to make your treats more festive!

2. The “Man Bouquet”

This is a little spin off of a traditional flower bouquet for women. In the men’s version, replace flower buds with small gifts for your special guy to enjoy!


Small Gift Ideas: Scratch Tickets, 5-Hour Energy, Candy, Gum, Mints, Small Snacks, Shot Glasses, Small Bottles of Alcohol, Cigars, Jack Knife, Golf Ball, Mouthwash, First Aid Kit, Keurig Coffee Cups, Small Tools, Gift Cards, Travel Size Toiletries, etc!

Materials Needed:

–       Small Basket or a Vase

–       Small Dowell Rods or Kabob Sticks

–       Styrofoam

–       Ribbon

–       Colored, Shredded Paper (the kind used in gift bags or Easter baskets)/Tissue Paper

–       Clear Tape or Hot Glue

–       Small Gifts


  1. Take your vase or basket and put the styrofoam inside.
  2. Tape each of your small treats to their own respective kabob sticks or dowell rods.
  3. Gather the sticks into the form of a bouquet and place them in the styrofoam.
  4. Use colored shredded paper and ribbon to cover the visible styrofoam and add decoration.

Even though this “Man Bouquet “ is geared towards guys…with a little tweaking it makes a great gift for a girlfriend too!

3. Valentine’s Day Playing Card

Does your Valentine love card games or card tricks? Maybe this is the perfect gift for him/her!


Materials Needed:

-Deck of Cards

-Computer (To type on) or Marker



-Modge Podge

-Hole Punch

-Binder Rings


  1. Get brainstorming! Think of 52 inside jokes or things you love or appreciate about your Valentine!
  2. Type up or write up your little love messages.
  3. Cut out your messages so that they fit nicely on the card
  4. Glue the messages to the playing cards.
  5. Using a paintbrush, paint Modge Podge on the cards and let them dry. (This seals the message to the card and gives the cards a shiny finish.)
  6. Once the Modge Podge has dried, hole punch the cards, line them up, and create a book out of them using the binder rings.

Your Valentine will love all the thought, time, and effort you put into this gift! Plus it doubles as a card ;-)!

There are tons of great ‘Do It Yourself’ Valentine’s Day gift ideas out there! Are you planning on making something special for your Valentine?!

XO, Christine

Images courtesy of Koyal Wholesale, Pinterest Pin, Heart-2-Home, and Scrappy Chick Designs  .

Holiday Playlist


What are you listening to this Holiday season?


Holiday Gift Guide – $30+

I hope everyone is doing well!  With exams, final papers and presentations, and endless problem sets for my Stats class, I was more than happy to take a study break and show y’all some of my favorite gifts!  These would be great for your sister or bestfriend!  Although my sister’s gift isn’t shown here (don’t get any ideas, Heather!!!), I know she’ll love what I got her just as much as she would have loved any of these gifts!


Sloane Ranger Tote – $50.00
Monogrammed 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt – $38.00
Crossbody Purse – $59.99
Butter London Nail Lacquer – $36.00
Lobster Pillow – $38.00

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  I just have a little bit to finish when I get home, but overall, I can’t wait to give the gifts I’ve already picked out!

xoxo, Rebecca

Holiday Gift Guide – $15-$30

Last week I showed some gifts that were less than $15.  Maybe you have a friend who got you a bigger gift (so you feel obligated to get something nicer), or you have that one friend who means a lot to you.  I think these are some great options, and I included some personalized gifts because if you’re spending more money on them you probably know them pretty well!Monogram iPhone Case – $16.99
Tumbler with Lid – $16
Statement Necklace – $18
Monogrammed Mug – $19.95
Wristlet – $25.00
Tortoise Shell Bangles – $30


Holiday Gift Guide – Less Than $15

Hey y’all!  With the holidays right around the corner, I thought I’d show you some gifts that I’d love to give and receive this holiday season!  I’m going to go by price range and over the next three weeks I’ll show gifts less than $15, $15-$30, and $30+.  I had a lot of fun picking out things that I would love to receive, but also thinking about my friends and what I would love to give them!

Bracelet – $9.95
Acrylic Tray – $11.50
Key Fob – $6.00
Ornament – $8.00
Croakies – $8.50
Necklace – $12.00

What are you planning to get for some of your friends this holiday season?  Shopping for other people is one of my favorite things!  I don’t know if it’s because most of my friends are really similar to me so it’s like buying things for myself that I know someone else will love, or because I just really like shopping…but either way, it’s always exciting to pick out that perfect gift!


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