Your L.L. Bean Boyfriend and Girlfriend

I might be a little late to the party here, but I recently discovered the blogs “Your L.L. Bean Boyfriend” and “Your L.L. Bean Girlfriend” and had to share. The site couples preppy eye-candy from the L.L. Bean catalog and website with captions giving fun date ideas. Reading it is like being transported to prep utopia…you’re instantly dreaming about shacking up in a Maine cottage with this gorgeous model.

I think the best part of this site is that it’s not dirty at all. It’s completely up to the reader to add their own fantasy to the picture. Whoever came up with it definitely had a funny and brilliant idea!

Hope you enjoy the mid-week eye candy!

xoxo, Karoline


Beach bag 101

School’s out for the summer, so that means it’s time to head out by the water and get some sun! Whether it’s the beach, pool, or lake you need some necessities to get you through the day. Here’s some tips on what to bring!

The Bag:

You’re going to need a tote that can hold all of the items you need, plus all of the miscellaneous items you end up taking with you. If you’re anything like me, you always end up carrying around things you don’t need. So you’re going to need a good size bag.  Here are some of my faves:

$: LL.Bean Bote and Tote, starts at $19.95. The original, the classic, I’ve had one of these bags for nearly 8 years and it’s one of the best $25 I’ve ever spent. So durable, and if it ever rips or breaks (hint: it won’t) LL.Bean will replace it for free! It’s a prep icon, and you can even get it monogrammed so you can tell it apart from everyone else’s!

$$: J.Crew Boardwalk Tote, $49.50. I really like the stripes on this bag, because they give it a nautical, beachy feel. Plus, the navy color means it won’t show dirt easily.

$$$: Kate Spade Tiki Bon Shopper, $148.00. Pricy, yes, but the cocktail print is darling. Piña Coladas, Mojitos, Mai Tai’s…mmmm I’m dreaming for a sunny tropical happy hour! Also, it’s made of durable coated poplin, so it can be wiped down and is fairly weatherproof on the outside. Cheers!

After you have the bag, essentials include a towel, sunglasses, a good read, chapstick, sunscreen, a good hat, and a water bottle. These big bags ensure you’ll be able to fit everything in one place!

What’s your go-to beach bag?

xoxo, Karoline

December Must-Haves

Hello everyone! I made up a list of cute items that would be really great to give OR get this holiday season! This is the time of year I like best style-wise, so I tried to reflect that in my picks.  Enjoy!


1. Curling Ribbon Ring from Kate Spade. I think this is probably one of the cutest cocktail rings out there! It’s fun, it’s flirty, and it’s perfect for all the holiday parties you’ll have to go to!

2. Red Cocktail Dress from ModCloth. Forget the little black dress…December is all about the little red dress! It’s such a fun and classic cut and the red color will look great on every skin tone!

3. A string of pearls. Take it from me and my roommate (we wear our pearls all the time), nothing makes you seem classier or more put together. Nothing.

4. Glitter Flats from Delias. OBSESSED. I have these (they’re only $20!!) and they pretty much never leave my feet. They’re perfect for both casual and dressy outfits, the glitter doesn’t shed, and they add that extra sparkle to any outfit!

5. Faire Isle Sweater from American Eagle. Red is one of my favorite colors. I love the contrast between the red and white in this sweater’s pattern! Definitely a cozy sweater to keep around when the temperatures drop!

6. Striped Hat from US Ski Team. I was browsing through the US Ski Team’s online store, and I fell in love with this hat. Love the stripes, love the pom pom’s, love the style! Plus, it’s in my school colors.

7. Matchstick Cords from J.Crew. I’ve posted before about my love of J.Crew corduroys. They’re beyond soft, they come in SO MANY COLORS, and they can be both casual and dressy. They’re the perfect pair of pants.

8. Bean Boots from L.L.Bean. At the first sign of rain or snow, my Bean Boots are the first thing I turn to. And they last literally forever. I got mine in high school, and they still look brand new. My mom also got hers in high school, and hers are still as sturdy as ever!

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