Anatomy of a ski outfit

Winter break is the perfect time to go on ski trips with friends and family! I’ve been skiing my whole life and have a bunch of friends ask me for advice in the past about what they should wear when they’re out on the mountain. On the flip side, as a racer and ski coach, I’ve seen some people wear truly bizarre things out on the slopes. For the past eight years, I have spent a majority of my winter days skiing, so I like to think that I’ve gotten dressing for it down to a science.

If you’re a newby to the snow, or if you’re just looking for a new outfit next time you head to the mountains, here’s what I’ve come up with:



1. TRUST: If your hands aren’t happy, neither are you. I personally like mittens, others like gloves…it’s just a matter of what works for you. The key thing here is to get a warm, waterproof pair. Find this pair here.

2. I am a huuuuge fan of turtle necks. Especially when I’m skiing. They are the perfect base layer and prevent cold air and snow from coming down your neck and chest while you’re outside. Just a basic cotton one will do, but high-tech base layers are also good. Find this one here.

3. Flannels are also good for keeping warm. Layering is key. I like flannels because they’re lightweight, soft, and pack in a bunch of warmth. Find this one here.

4. Long underwear is your friend!!! I know it sounds old fashioned, but it’s so comfy! I really don’t understand the people that don’t wear anything under their ski pants…I couldn’t do it!! Find this pair here.

5. Socks! For a day on the slopes you need a pair of good, TALL socks! A word to the wise: thick wool socks are no good in ski boots. They’re uncomfortable. Go for a specially-made ski sock, your feet will thank you. Find this pair here.

6. When it comes to jackets, I have always been a fan of the solid bright colors as opposed to trendy stripes or prints. This helps you get so much more life out of the jacket! When it’s solid, it will last practically forever without going out of style. Find this one here.

7. If you treat your pants well, they should last for years. I have had the same pair for over eight years and I still love them. Granted they’re race pants and are built to be sturdy, but they should last you awhile. Go for classic black: they hide the dirt better and will more than likely go with all of your gear. Find this pair here.

8. The helmet is important because it protects your head when you fall. I always think it’s fun when people have bright colored helmets, it helps show off their personality. US Ski Teamer Ted Ligety created his Shred brand with that in mind…not only are they top-notch helmets, but they come in awesome colors and styles. Some even have iPod connections! Find this one here.

9. Goggles are the last but certainly not least important part of any ski outfit. They protect your eyes! Mucho importante. Find this pair here.

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