Fourth of July OOTD!

Hey everyone,

One of my favorite holidays is coming up–the Fourth of July! I have always loved checking out fireworks and attending cook outs with friends and family to celebrate America’s birthday. This year I was very upset to find out that I’ll be spending the day time this Thursday, stuck inside, working… BUT! I won’t let that stop me from getting festive! Check out this red, white, and blue outfit I plan on wearing to work!

Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 9.26.14 PM


Shirt: J.Crew

Pants: Joseph Quinlan

Cardigan: ELuxe

Shoes: Sperry


What are you wearing this Thursday?!

XO, Christine


Business Casual

Since last Thursday, I have attended a Leadership Conference in Washington D.C., dressed up for a Phi Sigma Sigma sorority chapter meeting, had a job interview, and tomorrow I’ll be spending my day at Jury Duty! Needless to say, over the last six days, ‘business casual’ outfits are all I’ve been wearing. I love getting dressed up, and all of these excuses to do so have allowed me to get a lot of use out of all my skirts, khakis, dresses, and dress pants, and create some cute, professional outfits! Need help getting your ‘business casual’ look together? Check out my favorite combinations below!

Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 11.09.58 PM


Outfit 1:

Dress– $26.40

Blazer– $160.00




Outfit 2:

Polo Shirt-$90.00

Sweater- $30.00

Khaki Pants-$235.00




Outfit 3-

Button Down Shirt– $278.22





 What do you reach for when you’re dressing up professionally? Dress? Skirt? Dress pants?

XO, Christine

OOTD — 02/26/13

So khaki pants and sweaters are pretty much what I reach for when I get up to get ready these (wintery) mornings. I love how sweaters look layered on top of a button down or polo shirt. Not only do I love this outfit, but ‘Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ’ by O.P.I. (pictured to the left), is probably my absolute nail color of all time. I just had to show it off in this O.O.T.D.!



Oxford Button Down: J. Crew

Sweater: H&M

Pants: Forever 21

Flats: Forever 21

Jewelry: Pearl Necklace and Studs

Nail Color: ‘Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ’ By: O.P.I.

What are you wearing today?

XO, Christine

Looks I Love…By The GAP

While online shopping over the weekend, I could not get over how awesome so many of the pieces on The Gap website were! The Gap is one of my absolute favorite places to shop for cute, and very affordable preppy clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Here are three of my favorite  outfit looks from The Gap website:


This outfit looks so comfy and casual! I love the color pops of yellow and purple from the shoes and sweater.

Sweater: $44.95

Shirt: $29.95

Jeans: $69.95

Shoes: $39.95

Belt: $19.95


This lady is looking fierce in this outfit by The Gap! I love the ruffles on her shirt, they definitely top off this very professional look!

Shirt: $49.95

Jeans: $69.95

Shoes: (Yellow pumps unavailable, try these Oxfords in “creamy yellow” as a substitute! ) $69.95

Belt: $29.95

ionScreen shot 2013-02-19 at 1.29.23 AM

How adorable would wearing this outfit be on the Fourth of July this summer?! (No, it is absolutely not too early to start thinking about summer fashion :-P) Love the geometric pattern!

Dress: $59.95

Shoes: $69.95

Happy Shopping!

XO, Christine

OOTD — 01/15/13

As a requirement for some of the classes I will be taking next semester, I have to document quite a few observation hours. So, a few days ago, I visited my old high school and shadowed a few of my old high school science teachers. In the future, I plan to become a high school science teacher, myself. Take a look at this ‘OOTD’…it features what I wore on that day of observation!



Dress- Gap

Tights- Target

Flats- Forever 21

Bracelets- Alex and Ani

Nail Color- ‘Don’t Sweater It’ by Essie

XO, Christine

Winter Nail Colors

Earlier today, my friends and I got together to try out the new nail salon that just opened in my town. As I was perusing the rows upon rows of little O.P.I. and Essie bottles, I was having trouble making a color selection—there were so many great options! Thus, I was inspired to post about some of the great color finds I came across, along with some of my long time favorites too! They all make for great nail wear during the winter season. Take a look:



From Left to Right-

Butter London-“Hen Party”

Essie- “Don’t Sweater It” (What I chose at the Salon!)

O.P.I.- “Warm & Fozzie”

Essie- “Berry Naughty”

O.P.I.- “Mrs.O’Leary’s BBQ” (One of my absolute favorites!!!)

Essie- “Little Brown Dress”

O.P.I.- “My Private Jet”

NARS- “Endless Night”

O.P.I.- “Road House Blues”


Essie’s “Don’t Sweater It”

These are some of my favorite nail polish colors to utilize in the winter…what are some of yours? 🙂

XO, Christine

Outfit of the Day 12/18/2012




This is an outfit I wore to one of my Phi Sigma Sigma sorority chapter meetings this past semester! I love the way the navy in the shirt and the sea foam green from the cardigan compliment each other.


Button Down Shirt– J.Crew

Cardigan– H&M

Skirt/Belt– H&M

Shoes– Forever 21


Fresh Water Pearl Earrings and Necklace– Target

Cape Cod Bracelet – Gift from my Mother

Watch– Guess

XO, Christine

Dress Up That Smile!

You know that cute little song lyric from the musical, Annie, — “You’re never fully dressed without a smile”? I tend to think about that line when I’m getting ready in the morning. As I mentally psych myself up for whatever I need to get done during the day, I’m usually reaching for some sort of lip wear. Why not dress up that smile with a little color?

Lip wear comes in many forms, from chap sticks to stains to glosses. Adding this lovely touch to an outfit leaves me feeling pretty, confident, and ready to tackle the day! I’ve put together a couple of my absolute favorite lip products to show you what I might reach for on a daily basis—


1.Burt’s Bees Chap stick. This is perfect if you’re going for a natural look. Burt’s Bees has always been my go to. I love the cool, refreshing tingle it brings to my lips.

2.Revlon Lip Butter Lipstick. This is basically my favorite lip wear of all time. Goes on so smooth and looks so cute on!

3.Tarte Lip Stains. This stain comes in so many lovely colors that will stay on your lips all day long.

4. L’oreal Endless Lipstick . This is a very classic lipstick. Some colors even have a hint of a shimmer in them. My favorite shade is number 110, Pink Power, pictured above.

What are some of your favorite lip wear finds? Leave it in the comments!

XO, Christine

Curing the Final’s Blues.

As the end of the semester is near, everyone is in the inevitable black hole that is project week, finals week, midterms the last week of classes?, presentations, discussions, etc. To escape this terrible abyss, here are a few tips to slowly see the light at the end of the tunnel. We can do it!1) Decorate your room for the holidays- while this may only take a few minutes out of your day, it will make you feel so much better when you are up at 5 a.m. putting the finishing touches on your final paper and you are being lit my multi-colored string lights. Trust me, I might know. While I probably wouldn’t encourage decking the halls to any extremes, a few strands of lights and some ornaments does a person good.2) Sip- Whether it’s a trip to Starbucks, DD, or the dining hall, sipping on one of your favorite holiday beverages is sure to ease your stress a little bit. I would always recommend a Caramel Brulee Latte from Starbucks or a hot chocolate and Starbucks Red Cups could even put a little cheer in the Grinch!

3) Shop- Nothing makes me feel better than finding the perfect Christmas gift for someone that I love. Even if you just spend ten minutes in the library shopping online, it is a welcome distraction from studying for finals. You might even find some things to add to your own list too!

4) Sing- No one can say that singing a few Christmas carols doesn’t make them feel a little better! I definitely do not recommend this one if you are in the library thought as I don’t think it would be super popular. Just turn on your favorite Christmas Pandora station and relax for a while preferably in a spot where your roommates or neighbors won’t Scrooge you.

5) Deck the Technology!- Download a few (or all if you’re me) of the wallpapers that Karoline made for the Holidays and add some festivity to your phone or laptop. That way when you are sitting and staring at your screen for endless amounts of time, at least it is a little more cheerful!

Curing the Finals Blues.


Favorite Flannels

There are three things that I absolutely love about flannel shirts. First of all, they are made of soft fabrics that keep you very warm. This makes flannel shirts the perfect staple to have on hand in your closet for the colder months of the fall and winter seasons. Secondly, flannel shirts come in a variety of styles; they can be found in almost every color, and the shirt may sport either a checkered, plaid, or even a gingham pattern, depending on the number of colors used in the design.  Thirdly, flannel tops are very versatile. Pair a flannel with some leggings to lounge around in, or layer one under a pull over sweater for a stylish look.

This trendy top will come in handy for the cold months ahead! Have you stocked up on any flannel shirts yet? Check out some of my favorite flannel finds below–



1. Republic $24

2. Intermix $128

3. Republic $24

4. Aubin and Wills $94

5. Woolrich $59

In the past, I’ve also found some cute flannel shirts at stores such as Target and American Eagle Outfitters.

XO, Christine

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